Customer engagement

As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of ways that you can improve your company. Day in, day out, you mull over the successes and failures you have endured, contemplating what you can adjust and adapt to do better the next time.  

With a wide variety of factors to consider, we recognize that it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Both internally and externally, there often feels like a million and one things to complete. While that may very well be the case, it is crucial to keep a level head. You are operating the ship, after all.  

Concerning how you engage with customers as a business owner, this takes some time, attention, and focus on getting right. You must spend some time knowing how to do this; you want to ensure you are treating your customers the way they deserve and in a manner that will encourage them to continue coming back to your establishment.  

If you are in a position where you are looking for ideal methods for engaging with your customers, both existing and potential, then you are in the right place! Read on for our tips and tricks and find what works for you.  


Build a Community 

This can be done through a wide variety of avenues, but it is the execution that matters the most. While it seems a bit of an odd concept to develop a community for your business, it makes a difference in the long term.  

As a business, it is vital that you give customers ample opportunity to engage with you as a brand. Having their voice heard, opinions and feedback taken on board is essential and could even enable you to find unique ideas for improving and adapting your company.  

However, it is also recommended that you allow your loyal customers to engage amongst themselves as well. Social media platforms are a great way of enabling them to engage with one another and provide a safe space to compare opinions and discuss ongoing industry trends.  

At the same time, social media platforms are not the only way you can build a community. Specifically, if you have a physical store or branch for your business, you could also utilize this as a means of forging a community. The choice is entirely yours, and naturally, is based on your own situation and circumstance.  


Email Marketing 

This can go one of two ways. If you get it right, email marketing provides you with an opportunity to engage with your customer while enabling them the chance to develop a connection with you as a brand.  

Flipping this on its head; it could go very wrong and be viewed as irritating if you do not get it right. Take the time to consider what you wish to achieve using email marketing and make detailed plans to do this.  

For the most part, you can use email marketing as a means of establishing what kinds of things your customers engage with the most and using this to your advantage. Email blast campaigns give business owners like yourself an insight into what emails are opened, the rate of click conversions of these emails, and more.  

Using this information, you can tailor what you send to the customer, further nurturing and developing this relationship. Customers will feel valued, for you will know the types of things they want, and you will be making sales from it. A winning situation for all involved if we did say so!  


Providing Entertainment Value 

Naturally, as a business owner or company director, you want to keep the content you post online associated and relevant to your business itself, as well as your products or services. While we recognize this is the case, it is well worth considering putting yourself in the position of your customers.  

When authentically engaging with them online, you want to ensure they see content relevant to your business but which they are engaging with generally. Linking back to our previous point about creating a community, you will be allowing discourse to take place in your social media channels by sharing entertaining items of content.  

Furthermore, by posting entertaining and engaging content on your social media platforms and websites, you are significantly contributing to how your business performs and appears to search engines. The more people who engage with your content, the more people it will reach. The more people your content reaches, the more potential customers and sales you will receive. What more could you want!  

Authentically engaging with your customers should be done from the word go. Making a conscious effort to put your customers first and create a level of discourse with them will benefit you and your broader business in the long run.  

Be approachable, receptive, and friendly, and you are sure to be successful in your engagement endeavors both now and in the future!