Palm Drive in California

Situated in Palo Alto, California, M. Designs Architects (MDA) is an award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm specializing in sustainable, residential design as well as commercial and industrial projects. It strives to create unique designs which surpass its clients’ dreams, with projects completed for executives from Apple, Box, Facebook, Google and WhatsApp, among others.

With more than 47 years of management experience in all aspects of designing, documentation, and construction support, as well as an extensive background in construction and cost estimating for architectural projects, M. Designs Architects’ expertise ranges from home and office remodels to new home, Eichler home, townhouses, villas, estates and mid-size commercial projects. Hallmarks of its service include strong commitment and loyalty to its clients, early and consistent interaction and negotiation with code enforcement agencies/city planners, in addition to close cooperation and coordination with all members of the project team.

MDA creates sanctuaries befitting clients’ needs and dreams and lives. From beach homes to urban manors, ultra-modern homes to Mediterranean villas, ranches to Eastern mansions, traditional homes to tailored contemporary architecture, space creation to ensuring unhindered views; whatever the client’s desires, MDA can create fully customized and innovative design solutions which are the stuff of dreams, homes that have the possibility to grow with a growing family’s needs.

Not only does it create beautiful high-end homes, but it also designs commercial buildings including boutiques, salons, shopping centers, cinemas, apartment buildings and large scale offices. MDA works together with the client to realize their workspace requirements so that it can achieve absolute satisfaction. It explores the untapped potential of the client’s specific project and maximizes its value to provide a workplace that is practical and functional, while seamlessly meeting its vision, budget and timescale.

And before any of its properties go to the building stage, the firm takes the client on a virtual walk-through of the design using the latest technology so they can check it meets their vision and requirements, thus ensuring there are no surprises and that it is completely perfect in their eyes.

A growing company, MDA believes in diversity bringing unique solutions and ideas to the table, along with mutual respect in creativity, in teamwork, in having fun, in being part of not just a firm, but as it likes to call it: the MDA family! It is a team that believes in leveraging the power of design to create a better world, striving to create ideas and buildings that are beautiful, but also kind to the planet and the people who use and surround them.

However, the last year has presented business challenges in the form of COVID-19, with MDA fighting to keep itself running, while there were other businesses firing people and going bankrupt. MDA’s first priority was to ensure it kept all its staff safe and connected as a team. It learned to be flexible, with the help of technology, and its staff worked from home, having never been busier! Now, the office is finally back open and the next challenge the industry is facing is the cost of timber and other materials which have gone up in cost by 20%; it’s changes like this that MDA endeavors to keep its clients informed about, while providing creative solutions and keeping sustainability high on the list.


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