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Emboldened by experienced and effective data scientists within its ranks who consistently deliver models that drive the best business outcomes for a client, TeraCode has made itself one of the world’s cornerstone Internet of Things software providers. Working in app development, machine learning, and AI implementation, it promises to revolutionise the way its clients work in order to allow them to remain in touch with their market segment, their peers, and the exponential technological growth of the world at large.

Being an Internet of Things software development company, TeraCode handles end-to-end services, app services, IoT enabled medical devices, and more, securing it the ‘Product of the Year’ 2021 award. Fundamentally, it seeks to make IoT solutions easy for the clients, accelerating results, reducing costs, and allowing for the leveraging of IoT as a way to promote further growth; its work also covers the connection and access of devices from custom apps to strategy, connectivity, cloud, applications, AI, and machine learning. Regarding its medical devices in particular, it wishes to be one of the front-running companies pushing the usefulness of connected medical technology in a modern healthcare environment, changing surgery and treatment options, bolstered by the predictive analytics guarantee.

TeraCode, since its founding, has been working hard to continually promote the usefulness of IoT for a myriad of different sectors. With an ability to provide totally end-to-end solutions, IoT takes many technical disciplines to learn to implement, which can be a barrier to access. However, TeraCode makes itself the answer to bridging this gap for many clients, making it the reliable and dependable IoT expert that becomes an intrinsic partner to their business – in essence, a single solution to all IoT needs – and able to remain staunchly by a client’s side throughout their corporate lifecycle.

Ensuring that the modern corporate ecosystem has access to IoT will inevitably improve it in the long run, after all. Further innovations and connectivity are pivotal in an age that it increasingly relying on technology, further made true by the pandemic thanks to the remote work paradigm and the increased reliance on the internet for everything from shopping to socialisation. Now more than ever, technology is a critical part of connecting with the market. IoT helps make this possible, and when a client needs IoT implemented quickly to allow for better business logistics internally without having to break the bank or customise every minute detail, TeraCode steps in to provide AppThing, a turnkey IoT solution that will revolutionise the way they work.

Moreover, it provides sensors, gateways, ready-to-use applications in the cloud to allow for quick and sophisticated device connection, easy data collection, and the access of data in a real time manner so that the department heads and leaders of the companies TeraCode works with can get a detailed picture of their business. In short, TeraCode has been working hard to turn data into opportunity. It firmly believes that access to data is something that will make or break a business, and that when given the right data, a professional will always have the right tools to be able to make the decisions that will allow for further growth and an informed way of working that will enable them to hit milestones much faster. Therefore, it helps its clients to implement AI and machine learning frameworks, designing learning models that predict needed maintenance and prevent downtime, automatically re-order inventory, optimise logistics, track assets, reduce labour expenses, and enhance processes.


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