In the dynamic world of talent acquisition and executive search, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. However, Cobalt Search has managed to do just that, earning the prestigious title of “Best International Executive Search Firm 2023.” This accolade comes in the wake of a transformative period for the company, marked by a merger with sister company, Allium Talent, a comprehensive rebranding effort, and an expansion of their service offerings.

Established in 2016 by Helen Goddard, Cobalt Search was set up as a specialist recruitment search firm with expertise in providing ‘A’ Player talent at Executive level to clients across the US, Canada, Middle East and the UK. They now also deliver Scale Up recruitment services for clients who need to hire 10 or more mid-level professionals within a 6 month period.

Whilst they know that they are one of many in a noisy and competitive marketplace, they firmly believe that their different values, methods, and attitude is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

They support their clients by finding exceptional talent who stay, have impact and deliver significant value. To achieve this, they follow a rigorous process that focuses on identifying, attracting and effectively assessing ‘A’ Player talent.

Their motto is “Don’t just build a team; build a team of ‘A’ Players!”



Why I started Cobalt…

“Over the past 3 decades, I’ve had the privilege of building a fantastic reputation in the field of recruitment. However, despite my personal commitment to excellence, I’ve often felt that the industry was letting its clients and candidates down. My true passion lies in working with people, but it’s disheartening to find yourself on the other end of a call when those you aim to support hold a different perception of your profession.

I vividly remember the moments when I’d mention I’m a recruiter, only to encounter a dismissive response. It was disappointing to hear the frequent critique that “recruitment companies charge a lot for very little work.” This struck a nerve, and it became evident that there was a pressing need for a recruitment company that genuinely cared for both clients and candidates.

With Cobalt, my vision was crystal clear: I aimed to prove that recruitment could be more than just transactional. It could be a thoughtful and highly professional and personal service where every interaction mattered. I wanted people to feel respected, valued, and truly heard throughout their journey. It was time for recruitment to evolve into something more meaningful, and that’s the mission we’ve been dedicated to at Cobalt.”


How is it going?

“This ethos has worked. Referrals started pouring in, repeat business became the norm, and the team began to grow rapidly. Among these additions to the team was Denise Pike. Denise shares the same values and passion for supporting people as I do, and as our Managing Director, she’s been pivotal in making this more than an ethos, but a part of Cobalt’s culture.

With Denise also heading up our ‘Scale Up’ service, we’ve successfully partnered with high-growth organisations, ensuring they have the right talent to match their ambitions. As our team continues to grow, our approach remains straightforward: match dynamic organisations with exceptional ‘A’ Player talent and watch them flourish.”


What does the future look like?

“Looking ahead, we’re setting our sights high! Our goal for the next five years is to become a recognised source for ‘A’ Player talent, and we’re not just talking numbers; our commitment to quality is unwavering. We want to impact over 250 organisations positively, by introducing them to leaders who can genuinely drive growth and transformation. Every successful placement is a step closer to that goal, ensuring companies get the ‘A’ Player talent they need to succeed.

Our journey is marked by genuine passion, a lot of hard work, and a commitment to making recruitment a rewarding experience for all involved.”


The Merger and Expansion

Cobalt Search recently went through a rebrand and expansion and introduced a revamped suite of services designed to cater to a broader range of client needs. This strategic move enables us to meet the diverse needs of clients across various sectors and locations, reinforcing our position as an industry leader in executive search and talent acquisition.


Cobalt Executive Search: Finding ‘A’ Player Leadership Talent

This service remains true to the core mission of Cobalt Search: delivering exceptional ‘A’ Player leadership talent that drives business success.

Our unique approach centres on identifying, attracting, and rigorously assessing ‘A’ Player leadership talent for Chief, VP, and Director level roles. The result? An executive team that not only possesses the right skills but also aligns perfectly with our client’s cultural, operational, and strategic needs.


Cobalt Scale Up: The New Kid on the Block

As part of the merger and expansion, Allium Talent has been rebranded as Cobalt Scale Up. This transformation isn’t just about a name change; it signifies a specialised focus on talent pipelining solutions for companies that are scaling up and need to hire 10 or more mid-level professionals with similar skill sets.

Our mission for Cobalt Scale Up is clear: to establish a reliable and consistent pipeline of ‘A’ Player talent so that our clients can continue to hire the best talent and scale their business. This service offers a streamlined solution for businesses seeking to grow rapidly while maintaining high hiring standards and reducing attrition.


What makes Cobalt Search Different?

At Cobalt Search we partner with entrepreneurial and innovative businesses that are passionate about driving change and fostering diversity in their leadership teams and across their businesses. Our clients recognise the profound impact that an ‘A’ Player can have on their organisational success and we have an exceptional track record of consistently presenting top-tier shortlists that seamlessly align with our clients’ vision.

Our clients are often referred to us because they can’t find the ‘A’ Players their business needs and are wasting their time interviewing people that are not the right match. We don’t have a database and start every search from scratch, giving our clients the confidence that no two searches are the same, and that we will be targeting candidates across the entire market. All they have to do is select the most outstanding ‘A’ Players from the exceptional shortlist that has been expertly curated for them.

We firmly believe that resumes alone can never convey the entirety of an individual’s story. Our approach is guided by this conviction. Every candidate goes through a formal two stage competency based interview, designed to assess both technical capability and culture/values alignment, completed by expert assessors.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond these initial assessments. We prioritize the alignment of candidates with our client’s unique culture and interpersonal chemistry, recognizing the paramount importance of that elusive ‘click.’ Leveraging our innate emotional intelligence, coupled with years of interviewing and assessment experience, we excel in the art of effective matching.

We are not happy with candidates who are just “good enough”, and neither are our clients. We exclusively advance candidates who we consider truly exceptional, even bordering on brilliant! Our meticulous approach to matching candidates has proven so effective that our clients frequently create additional positions within their organizations to accommodate multiple ‘A’ Players from the their shortlist.

That’s why they keep coming back to us and keep on referring us!

“To select the very best ‘A’ Player leadership talent for your business you should be given a choice. Too often agencies will stop at ‘good enough’, but ‘good enough’ is not ‘good enough’ for us, or for you. We invest the time and energy and use high levels of emotional intelligence and expert interviewing skills to provide our clients with a shortlist that is chock full of the very best talent. Our matching capability is so good that clients often want to hire more than one person from our shortlists.”- Helen Goddard, Founder & CEO – Cobalt Search


Prioritising Excellence, Diversity, and Transparency

Cobalt Search is proud to be a certified member of WEConnect International, an accolade that recognises our status as a women-owned business. This shows that we are not only committed to championing diversity in our recruitment practices, but also in leading by example. 

Aligning with WEConnect International’s mission, we believe in the power and potential of women entrepreneurs to drive exponential economic growth globally. This membership is not just a testament to our leadership but reflects our dedication to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality in business.



Cobalt Search’s journey from a specialist recruitment search firm to the “Best International Executive Search Firm 2023” is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. The merger with Allium Talent, the introduction of Cobalt Scale Up, and the expansion of our service offerings have positioned us as an industry leader, and we are excited for what 2024 has in store.

Our promise to you is that we will deliver the ultimate recruitment experience, backed by our core values, to ensure that you receive nothing less than ‘A’ Player talent that makes a real impact on your business.

As we continue to disrupt the recruitment industry, Cobalt Search invites you to not just build a team but to build a team of ‘A’ Players, because when you choose Cobalt Search, you choose dedication, tenacity, professionalism, and the assurance of a perfect fit.


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