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Creating a platform that brings together the future of music and the camaraderie that the medium inspires, Groove Science Studios has developed and maintained a collection of VR, XR, and AR music technologies that are revolutionising the industry. This has all culminated in something called ‘the Soundscape Musical Metaverse’, a highly immerse, large scale, and audio reactive virtual world that allows visitors access to a full concert or festival experience, all from the comfort of their own home.

Enabling participants to listen, watch, create, and interact, Groove Science Studios’ flagship product ‘the Soundscape Musical Metaverse’ has made concerts and festivals possible through remote means. Indeed, prizing itself on the creation of ‘the highest quality virtual experience possible’, its four offerings cover Freeplay, Magic Mirror, Artist Link, and Soundscape Live, bringing together a holistic experience that its clients have come to laud as utterly game changing. When it speaks about Freeplay, it is referring to an element of its platform that is available in all the worlds it creates for its guests.

Nominally, this has been developed so that users can bring their own music into the Soundscape environment. Encouraging the connection between people by enabling visitors to create links with friends and fellow music lovers all over the world, it allows guests to explore the worlds and listen together, cultivating their very own space within the platform that perfectly reflects their individuality. With its light painting tools, its playlist creation, and more, it invites guests to engage on a personable and authentic level through remote means.

Magic Mirror, meanwhile, focuses on the enabling of virtual concert spaces. An artist’s video content is presented in the most ultimate form possible, in perfect clarity of sound and visual to ensure that the artist’s creation is given the chance to shine, all held within Soundscape’s live infrastructure and the best free video editing. With Magic Mirror, traditional concert streams promise to be better than ever before. Similarly, Artist Link promises to continue taking the experience of users of the platform to the next level by granting access to the world’s most advanced live virtual concert format, fusing several the most notable Soundscape features together such as bespoke avatars, stages, instruments, and so much more.

Connecting artists to their global audience without the need for said artists to go on a virtual tour is how Groove Science Studios hopes to do its part regarding saving the environment, too. Meaning that artists can reach their audience without racking up the air miles, or contributing to other forms of degradation, it offers a solution for global audience outreach that is still safe for the planet and doesn’t deny the attendees the true magic behind a concert or live music event.

Therefore, as the greenest and most responsible solution to live entertainment for the conscientious artist, it is pleased to have gained the traction it has, and it excited to continue growing in renown over the coming years. Soundscape Live is another element of this. Indeed, this mixed reality staging area and metaverse art installation is perfect for everything from festivals to gallery openings, and for use in in-person events, blending reality and virtual in a live concert format.

At its core, Groove Science Studios takes great pride in making these formats the solution to a variety of issues that its clients face in the events organisation and management industries. Passionate about music and the people who make it, as well as the people who enjoy it and subsequently bring the community alive, the staff at Groove Science Studios each funnel huge amounts of effort into keeping itself ahead of the game. Indeed, being as artist forward as possible allows it to bring benefits to them, their fans, and their stakeholders, refusing to advertise on Soundscape proper and refusing to collect or track information about its users.

This is the actionable truth behind its promise that it has not fallen prey to the corporate stranglehold currently around the throats of so many other media companies. The result is the ability continue offering the purest experience possible when it comes to allowing guests to gather their friends and listen to the music they love, securing it as one of the top trusted media companies for those truth seekers who hanker after innovation and bold strokes. Thusly, it has been able to gather a client base of artists across all manner of different genres, from ‘jam session’ icons like Goose to EDM wizards like Griz.

Usually approached by the artist’s managers or record labels, the staff at Groove Science Studios have each learned impeccably how to thrive in this busy industry, and how to quickly and efficiently give them the answers to the struggles that they may be facing regarding how to run their live events. With so many more people than ever before sharing a desire to make their presence known in the Metaverse, it has been considering the best options for inclusion, working out its launch strategy appropriately.

With its time to flight being quicker than so many of its competitors by orders of magnitude, it can bring an artist in VR in a matter of hours; as a result, it can promise clients access to the most stable, robust, refined, and reliable platform on the market, one that is free to users who will come to support the client’s artist. Having developed this platform over time, it has worked out each issue as it has cropped up, and to this day continues its commitment to bettering and improving itself, with its small and nimble team of people each displaying their passion and tenacity daily. Therefore, despite the tumult of the pandemic, Groove Science Studios has been able to continue putting the power back in the hands of the artist, with significant expansion on the horizon that will maintain privacy, diversity, and inclusivity as core tenants.

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Eric Alexander - CEO