Funeral homes & undertakers play an essential role in supporting people during one of life’s most trying moments, making funeral homes essential providers. Each individual and business requires tailored insurance protection that mitigates risks and protects businesses against financial loss.

Property Coverage

Funeral homes and crematoriums require specific insurance solutions. There’s no “one size fits all” industry solution here, so it’s crucial that you work with an independent agent who understands your risks as a funeral home or crematorium owner.

Property coverage protects funeral homes against damage to their buildings and inventory caused by fire or theft, as well as costs associated with repairing or replacing equipment such as caskets or urns.

General liability insurance provides funeral homes with protection in case someone trips over a rug and becomes injured, as well as legal fees, settlements and judgments related to professional negligence claims.

Commercial auto insurance is essential for funeral services businesses operating vehicles such as hearses. Not only will it cover potential damage or loss to these vehicles, but a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) provides for lost income and extra expenses that result from being forced temporarily closed due to property damage.

General Liability Coverage

Funeral homes require specific coverage. Our knowledgeable underwriters understand this industry and can tailor policies to meet the requirements of funeral home businesses.

General liability insurance protects funeral homes against claims for property damage or bodily injury. For instance, should someone trip over a carpet and break their leg as a result, general liability can help cover medical costs and legal fees associated with treatment. It also covers damage done to customer belongings such as urns or caskets in your care – we advise bundling it with commercial property coverage under a business owners policy (BOP) for cost savings.

Workers’ compensation protects employees who are injured while working at your funeral home, whether from being exposed to embalming fluid or experiencing physical trauma while transporting caskets. This insurance provides coverage for medical costs and lost wages as a result.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Funeral directors operate in an industry in which clients are dealing with their most personal issues; even minor missteps could potentially lead to lawsuits if clients were unprotected during services provided. Funeral directors require special insurance policies tailored to meet their unique requirements as a small business.

General liability coverage, often combined with commercial property coverage in a Business Owners Policy (BOP), protects against risks like client property damage and bodily injury. Workers’ Compensation provides medical and rehabilitation expenses related to workplace-related injuries such as back strain from lifting caskets. Errors & Omissions coverage helps cover legal expenses should an unhappy bereaved family sue you over quality services provided or for wrong coffin delivery.

Finally, funeral homes need commercial auto coverage for vehicles used during business operations, hired and non-owned auto coverage to protect against damages to vehicles not owned by your funeral home, and business interruption insurance to help cover expenses in case a natural disaster or other event forces it to close for repairs.

Errors & Omissions Coverage

Errors and omissions coverage helps safeguard you against lawsuits alleging negligent professional services delivery, and can pay legal fees or damage awards that arise as a result of such claims.

Most E&O policies follow a claims-made form with a deductible attached, providing coverage of defence costs, administrative fees, settlements and judgement awards up to their policy limit. E&O insurance typically does not cover bodily injury or property damage which would usually fall under general liability coverage.

EasyCover adheres to industry standards and offers an appealing feature: its unlimited retroactive date. This means your past work is protected if allegations or claims arise before policy renewal, something other insurers do not offer.

Business Owner’s Policy

Business owner’s policies provide funeral homes with an economical means of bundling general liability and commercial property coverage to protect themselves against lawsuits that could arise as a result of injuries or damage sustained while visiting their premises. This can help guard them against lawsuits filed in response to accidents occurring there.

Insurance provides financial relief when an employee is involved in an accident while driving one of the funeral procession vehicles, such as a hearse. Furthermore, it covers essential equipment like an embalming furnace or fleet of casket wagons or funeral procession cars being damaged during use.

Maple Bay provides funeral insurance in Canada, focusing on covering expenses related to celebrating life. This includes funeral home rentals, burial or cremation costs, caskets or urns, plots and gravestones, burial services, funeral director fees, and even online coverage like Zoom streaming during the pandemic.