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William Paul Brown and his wife Mini pursued their passion for the cattle industry by opening Brown’s Packing Plant in 1945. Located in Gaffney, South Caroline it grew to be a thriving business and meat market. In 1962, it expanded its capacity by purchasing 250 of land and rebranding to what it is known as today, Famoda Farm.

The passion that was present in William and Mini was passed down to their daughters, as they both insisted to have their own calves. In 1955, the girls came across the American Angus Association and began showing their cattle. Both achieved great success and proved that there was room for women in the fitting business. 1962 was a great year for the family, as they grew, they also got to celebrate Doris being named American Angus Queen and Shirley serving as the Shorthorn Princess.  

Famoda Farm carries the first two letters of Father, Mother, and Daughter as each played a key role in the business. Things have changed as time has evolved but the core values around faith, family, and farm remain strong as ever. Now, the girls, along with the newest generation, continue to drive what their parents started as they focus on family and breeding top Angus Cattle.


“We specialize in a gentle disposition, the highest quality, and unforgettable taste.”


Famoda Farm expertly breeds the most elite Angus genetics by prioritising their health and well-being. It doesn’t use hormones, additives, or unnecessary antibiotics to ensure optimal health. These techniques have delivered its customers with yield tender meat of exquisite taste and superior cuts. When it comes to its other animals, Famoda Farm uses the same approach as the animal’s wellbeing and health are protected.

At Grazers, locals can purchase Famoda Farm’s SC-certified products such as 100% Angus beef, Berkshire pork, free range chicken, fresh eggs, pimento cheese, A2 raw milk, butter, cheese, local honey, jams and jellies, and fruit and vegetables. Additionally, it also sells seasonal gifts and handmade products.


“It is our mission to directly connect local farmers with consumers for the purpose of providing the highest quality, healthy, humanely raised farm products available.”


When buying meat directly from the farm, you are offered a unique experience. You get to enjoy the high-quality taste that comes from the animal’s healthy lifestyle that comes with proper care and attention. We are thrilled to share that Famoda Farm’s commitment to continuing the tradition that began 60 years ago has led them to receive the title of Best Family Business 2023 – South Carolina.

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