Top down view of real estate concept and laptop

Saltmine, a company helping other professionals resolve the current corporate question of how to return to the office and what that may look like in a post-pandemic world, has built itself a reputation for creating wholly innovative, streamlined, and tailor-made workspaces for teams all over the world. Specifically serving design teams, architects, and real estate firms, it is the guiding hand shaping Covid-19 safe office redesigns, and will be a defining factor in deciding what the workspaces of the future will inevitably look like.


A software that has been built to design and optimise workplaces, Saltmine has been developed specifically for enterprise businesses and real estate teams, allowing them to restructure their work environments. Fundamentally, its technological and innovative approach to its work allows it to help its communities plan spaces faster, with increased levels of collaboration and communication amongst stakeholders and project managers. In essence, this makes for a simplified portfolio and centralises those pivotal key insights. Each of these is incredibly significant in project planning and can save tremendous amounts of time, with Saltmine making itself an exemplary technological partner for its clients, empowering them to create spaces that are tailor-made for their employees and the work on their dockets.


Effectively, it puts its revolutionary platform to the test in order to complete data-driven decisions that will streamline a workplace from top to bottom; this includes making the working area more dynamic, responsive, and tailor-made to the teams working within it, retrofitting the space to fit business needs and employee goals. Saltmine, therefore, is an incredible workplace strategy to have on one’s side in such a drastically changeable modern marketplace.


Additionally, Saltmine allows for cross-team collaboration, creating an engaging employee experience that reduces real estate and design project costs simply by cutting the bloatware out of the process and ensuring that each team member has access to everything they need at any given moment. Founded in 2017, the CEO, Shagufta Anurag, used her base in San Francisco as a springboard to further success, quickly gaining traction in her market. Before long, she had 125 employees all over the globe working on Saltmine’s one-of-a-kind solutions and software package, with customers and partners representing major elements of the international architecture and design industry.


It also boasts a large retinue of stakeholders in the corporate real estate industry, bringing each of these stand-out voices in the modern corporate ecosystem together in order to empower fellow professionals to create the best possible workspaces, and thus achieve the best possible project outcomes. Working with enterprises that are looking to digitally transform, executives seeking more transparency and direct control, teams that are ready to take a leap into revolutionary workload management, and more, Saltmine can help clients to configure their digital cloud, transform guidelines, and build catalogues to incredible standards. Additionally, being immersive, iterative, and intelligent, its staff help its customers every step of the way with diligent and empathic service, helping clients how to resolve the burgeoning question of today’s remote work age: ‘how do I return to the office?’


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