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Sleep is one of the most underrated activities that the human body undertakes. Good sleep is key to us being able to function correctly in every day life, let alone essential in helping us live healthier lifestyles. We find out more about how one Canadian company, Seva Mattress Warehouse is actively promoting a better night’s sleep with its luxurious mattress range, as it is rewarded for its hard work in the Canadian Made Awards 2022.

By the time we die, we will have spent roughly one-third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is such a fundamental human need but, according to a recent report published by Canadian awareness campaign ‘Sleep On It’*, more than half of Canadians report that they often don’t get as much sleep as they should be.

This means that one-third of Canadians are regularly sleeping fewer hours per night than the recommended number. Yet, sleep is a much needed and valuable ally for physical and psychological health as well as for the prevention of a plethora of health problems.

As a pillar of health, sleep does not just make us feel fresh and restored in the morning, we sleep to conserve our energy, and to refuel it daily. However, the sleeping brain actually accomplishes much more. It is known that even though the body works to conserve energy during sleep, its cells still actively regulate essential brain and metabolic activities. Many scientific studies focus on the role of sleep and several precise mechanisms have been identified over the years to help us understand its usefulness. These studies demonstrate how active the brain is when sleeping, and help define the role and complementary functions of the different sleep stages.

For example, we sleep in order to memorize and learn. Thus, while sleeping, our brain cells (or neurons) are busy consolidating memories and learning, sorting and storing all kinds of experiences we have had during the day. This makes sleep essential in the learning process. It is equally important for emotions and stress management, which is also harder when sleep is lacking. Sleep plays a role in the preservation of the immune system and helps to regulate almost all the functions of our body: from the brain, heart, and lung activity, to metabolism and the endocrine system. During sleep, the brain also removes the metabolic waste it produces during the day. Additionally, it is during slow waves sleep when the growth hormone is secreted in children and adolescents.

So, what can be done in order for us to get more sleep and therefore live happier, healthier, more fulfilling and, hopefully, longer lives? Amongst other things, the ‘Sleep On It’ awareness campaign recommends several key practises, such as getting into a regular bedtime routine, listening to your biological clock, minimising disturbances, and creating a comfortable sleep environment. This last factor is of utmost importance, for not only does comfort help us get to sleep, but it also helps us to stay asleep once we nod off. As well as preventing aches, pains and other malaises often associated with sleeping on poor bedding choices.

In fact, as quoted by the ‘Sleep On It’ campaign, “Your bedroom should be a room devoted to sleep and intimacy only. Choose a cool indoor temperature, comfortable bedding, and try to reduce the ambient sound level and exposure to light during the night.”

Established in 1949, Seva Mattress Warehouse is a Canadian company based in Surrey, British Colombia, which specializes in manufacturing and distributing luxury mattresses and bedding products. As an expert in the textile and bedding industry, the company prides itself on its innovative designs, which are finely tuned to perfection and subtly and carefully crafted by their Canadian makers in a specially allocated plant.

Sleep is of utmost importance to company director, Ali Faham, and he has devoted his life works to ensuring that he brings the beauty of uninterrupted sleep to the Canadian masses.

“We believe the key to our successful business and happy clients lies in the quality of our products, right down to the smallest details,” enthuses Ali. “We manufacture all our mattresses with specially formulated foam to accommodate you with the greater weight allowance and precise alignment of the spine. Together with designers, we create individual lines of mattresses so that people with any type of activity and lifestyle can enjoy sleep.”

Offering a wide and extensive range of high-quality luxury mattresses, all of Seva Mattress’s products are designed with comfort, support, durability, and style in mind. From the humble and inexpensive basic foam mattress, which makes a great budget-friendly choice and is made of polyurethane foam, and varying in degrees of firmness, to the innovative memory foam mattress which is designed to mould to the contours of your body shape for unrivalled support and pressure relief, to spring mattress comprised of dozens to hundreds of metal springs which provide an underlying supporting layer and can host a myriad of different plush material layers to increase comfort.

“When it comes to design, we have some of the most innovative designs available on the market today,” continues Ali. “We have worked hard to create something unique that will give you exceptional value for money! Each mattress has its own beautiful look, feel, and texture; all have been created with your comfort in mind so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep every night!”

Recently, Ali and the dedicated team at Seva Mattress Warehouse were celebrating as they gained international recognition in the Canadian Made Awards 2022 and were bestowed with the title of Best Custom Mattress Manufacturer – British Colombia. This prestigious accolade is testament to the dedication and hard work of the company in the pursuit of creating the ideal night’s sleep for all to enjoy!

* A collaboration between The Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network, the Canadian Sleep Society, Fondation Sommeil and Wake-up Narcolepsy Canada.

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