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Bringing AI, IoT, and connectivity together in order to help communities and businesses to become safer, smarter, and more together, IntelliSite delivers advanced surveillance and monitoring solutions, with measurable outcomes for its customers. We find out more about the company, its pioneering technology and unique offerings, in the wake of it being rewarded for its diligence.

Offering safer, smarter, connected communities as a service (SCaaS), powered by its AIoT platform, delivers next-gen public safety solutions addressing key safety and security challenges, IntelliSite combines AI and IoT technologies at the edge for speed, accuracy, and timeliness – transforming business operations through insights that support data-driven decisions, increasing operational efficiency, and lowering costs.

It was in 2020 that IntelliSite Corporation, the industry’s most complete AI enabled Edge and IoT Solution provider, and the national purveyor of Heuristic-Based Monitoring (hBM) thermal solutions and turn-key SCaaS, partnered with global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G Ready wireless network edge solutions, Cradlepoint.

Today, the IntelliSite and Cradlepoint partnership delivers IoT and AI-enabled edge computing solutions for both the public sector and enterprise markets and is part of Cradlepoint’s NASPO agreement. Through Cradlepoint’s technology service agreement with NASPO, IntelliSite has been included as a NASPO approved subcontractor, effectively making its SCaaS solutions available to state procurement officials and giving communities access to its open and scalable AI enabled IoT Platform.

The firm also offers its innovative tool DeepInsights, which gives clients an open AIoT platform, packed with out-of-the-box AI, IoT sensors and cameras, plus the freedom for clients to add their own as their needs change because it is device agnostic.

Recent case studies show two unique ways that IntelliSite technology can be utilized for a safer and smarter future. The first highlights the benefits of a remote surveillance trailer. This self-sufficient mobile security system uses  AI  to act as a  deterrent.  It detects suspicious activities,  including loitering, trespassing, approaching or breaching a perimeter and illegal dumping. These alerts prompt the 24×7 event monitoring center to eliminate false alarms, and then talk down over the loudspeaker whilst engaging first responders. Designed for isolated locations, the trailer is self-powered, stores 30 days of video for evidence, and has its own 4G/LTE cellular connection. Additionally, the trailer can be extended to support up to 200 IoT sensors.

IntelliSite has also used its surveillance and license plate recognition products to remote and isolated locations. Both versions of the camera are light and consume very little power and bandwidth, making them easy to install and independent of any existing wired infrastructure. Weighing less than 16 oz, the cameras will work indefinitely outdoors day and night with the 10W solar panel. Other power options include an external battery or internal AA batteries, which will still last for thousands of incidents.

The cameras can be used as stand-alone LPR and surveillance solutions or used in conjunction with existing, larger DeepInsights-based IntelliSite deployments. For example, a utility might use regular surveillance at major locations, and these for remote sites where wired power and network access are impractical.

Recently, the firm was recognized in the New World Reports Awards as the Best AI-Enabled IoT Solutions Developer 2021 for the West Coast, USA. This prestigious accolade serves to highlight the company’s commitment and dedication to making the world a smarter, Safe place to live.


For business inquiries, contact IntelliSite at intellisite.io.