With a strictly dedicated ethos of improving microsurgical procedures across the board in medical science, True Digital Surgery is a company consistently developing and improving itself. Pivotally, this company secured its place in history with its introduction of digital microscopes to a medical industry that was still primarily using analogue, showing it and its professionals how digital microscopy gives the surgeon so much more freedom to work ergonomically, improving procedural process for everyone involved – especially the patient.

‘My professional experience has been in digital imaging, and I had the benefit of experiencing the speed and impact of the digital revolution before its inception in medtech. I know through my first-hand experience that multibillion dollar companies will lose their market share if they do not maintain their technology leadership. I also know the speed of development increases exponentially with digital technologies. Development companies like True Digital Surgery are setting the pace of digital innovation in medtech, and large medtech companies need innovations from companies like True Digital Surgical to maintain their market share leadership.’ – Aidan Foley, CEO, Chairman of the Board

True Digital Surgery, a company accelerating the pace of innovation in digital 3D microscopy, has earned its place as one of the leading companies in medical innovation. With the world facing down Covid-19, the pressure on the medical infrastructure globally has been enormous, calling for bigger and better developments to be made faster than ever in order to make hospital procedures quicker, safer, and more intelligent. This is where True Digital Surgery steps in. Fundamentally, its rich history started with TrueVision systems, the developer of the first 3D digital microscope; this ophthalmology work was so successful that True Digital Surgery was able to split off from it in 2019 as a splinter group, continuing its legacy with a more focused vision in designing cutting-edge technology specifically for microsurgery.

Thus, True Digital Surgery develops platforms that continue to build on the original 3D digital core technology that its parent company developed before it. This has allowed for an enhanced version of that technology to be combined with AI enabled robotics and machine learning, resulting in a surgical workflow that operates with efficiency and digital capabilities that are enabling surgeons to see critical structures before they even begin the procedure. Moreover, it is proud to have been the company that heralded the change in industrial practice from using analogue microscopes to digital microscopes, implementing a change from an old technology that had been in use since the 1950s and ensuring through advancements of its own that DRMs – digital robotic microscopes – quickly became an industry mainstay.

Nowadays, DRMs are market leaders. Ensuring that doctors have so much more manoeuvrability in the surgical room, allowing them to take up more ergonomic positions that are more comfortable and conducive to good work, as well as making sure that a detailed image of the surgical field is available on a 4K and 3D surgical monitor, the DRM is better in every way. True Digital Surgery is excited to be able to continue bettering and bolstering this technology, its dedication to further innovation shining through as it champions bright, experience, and new entrepreneurial talent, welcoming new professionals into its ranks in order to continue its storied tradition of being a great company made up of great people.

In the year of 2021 – and indeed, the future of the decade – the push towards further advancement in the medical field is shaping up to be one of exponential upward growth. AI will continue to advance in intelligence and usefulness, with True Digital Surgery remaining at the forefront of these microsurgical advancements, providing surgeons with better visualisation and a surgery room that is directly formatted to fit their needs. Foremost, this will improve outcomes for patients, increase the workplace satisfaction of professionals using the equipment, and enhance the safety and hygiene levels of microsurgical healthcare in the macro scale. Going forward, therefore, True Digital Surgery will continue to develop its enhanced 4K imaging that untethers the surgeon from the microscope.

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