Sometimes in life, you’re hit with a bill that you just couldn’t have planned for. In these situations, it can be extremely stressful figuring out how you’re going to pay the bill, but there are options out there for you.

When something goes wrong and you’re left with no option but to pay a big expense, a flexible loan from a trusted lender could be exactly what you need. These loans allow you to get on with life and fix whatever emergency has presented itself, giving you time to pay back the money when you’re in a better situation.

Here are some of the main situations where people take out a small personal loan.

Medical Emergencies

One of the most common reasons for taking out Small Loans is to help pay for medical expenses. Even if you are covered by a national healthcare service or medical insurance, you may find there are still expenses you need to incur to help you make a speedy recovery.

Insurance policies from companies like AXA might help cover much of the care and equipment you need, but in some cases, people can be left waiting for their pay out when they need urgent access to money. In these cases, a loan can help people who have suffered medical complications get the care and equipment they need without having to wait.

If there’s any time to take out a loan to make sure you have everything you need, then one of the strongest reasons is your health or the health of a loved one.

Unexpected Expenses

No matter how much budgeting you do, there are some expenses you just can’t account for. When your car breaks down, or your boiler decides to stop working in the middle of winter, you don’t have much choice – you’ve got to get it fixed.

These things don’t come cheap, and if your finances are already tight then an extra £500 on car maintenance can easily put you in a difficult position. A small loan can help you through this problem by giving you access to the funds you need in the short term and allowing you to pay the money back when you get your paycheck.

It’s just that extra little bit of flexibility you need to overcome the unexpected bumps in the road that life tends to deal out from time to time. You need vital items such as your car to be able to go out and earn money, so fixing it is a necessity.

Home Renovations

Our homes are likely to be the most valuable items we own, but unfortunately, they also bring about some of our biggest expenses. Houses need updating from time to time, otherwise, they tend to start to fall apart and become uninhabitable.

Sometimes a renovation is urgently needed, and to get the job done you might need a small loan to make sure all the work is carried out properly. Building work doesn’t come cheap, but getting the renovation done now might be cheaper than waiting for the problem to get bigger before fixing it.

With the right loan, you might be able to fix the issue while it’s still a relatively small problem, saving you money versus waiting until the problem becomes more serious.


Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion that bring together family and friends for celebration. They’re also one of the expensive days of people’s year and paying for a wedding can put a strain on people’s finances.

Weddings aren’t something that happen every day though, and you want them to be memorable, so sometimes it can be beneficial to take out a small loan to make sure you’re going to have a day befitting of the occasion.

A loan from a trusted broker can help you pay for your perfect wedding and spread the payments out over a manageable period of time.

Moving House

There are all sorts of expenses associated with moving house, and sometimes it can leave you short of money for paying your day-to-day bills. Making sure your move goes through is important, but you’ve also got to be able to pay for the daily essentials, and a short-term loan can step in to help here.

Once you’ve completed your house move, then you can start paying back the money as you get back to normality. Sometimes you just need a little help to get you over the line with these things, and a loan can give you the flexibility to do this.

Whether you’re renting or purchasing, moving house can be a stressful time, so that extra cash can help make all the difference.

Funeral Costs

Funerals are obviously an upsetting time for all involved, but they also bring the added difficulty of funeral costs. The costs of the average funeral run into the thousands of pounds, and this is money many people don’t have spare.

You want to give your loved ones a dignified send off, but you also need to bear in mind your personal finances. One way to help balance the two is by taking out a short-term loan to help cover the funeral costs. This means you can spread the costs out over a period of time, making it easier to continue on with your day-to-day life.

This can be a particularly difficult time and it’s unfortunate that funeral costs can put so much strain on peoples’ finances but for many people it is the reality. In some cases, a flexible loan is a good option to help deal with these unforeseen costs.


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