In business, there are a variety of situations that require legal documents to leave the office and be served to different individuals. It can be in regard to a supplier, a client or even one of its employees. In any case, this process needs to be handled by professionals process servers, so that the delivery system cannot be contested in a court of law and also to have them delivered on time. Here are the most common legal documents a company may have to serve.

Whom to call when a Company needs to serve Legal Documents?

In America, there are companies that handle the delivery of legal documents. They are called process servers. Their experience in the field guarantees that the process will be handled in total respect of the local regulations, so that there won’t be any legal issues later on, in that regard. It is a job that can be quite difficult, as many people react strongly to being served, which is why calling upon professionals is the best solution. Here is an example of such a company offering process services in Washington DC.

List of documents that a Company can serve

Summons and Complaint

A company may need to serve a “Summons and Complaint” to initiate a lawsuit or demand payment for a debt owed. This usually concerns clients that have passed the 30-day payment agreement and who are not responding to payment requests. It can also use a “Notice of Default,” if it wants to foreclose on a property or to demand payment for a delinquent loan.


If a company is involved in a lawsuit, it may need to serve a subpoena to a person or an organization. In this document, it will demand that they produce papers to prove or justify a claim. It can also ask them to testify in a legal proceeding.

Notice to Quit

If a company wishes to move its offices, it may need to serve a “Notice to Quit,” in order to terminate a prior tenancy or a lease agreement.

Writ of Execution

A writ of execution is a legal order, issued by a court of law. A company can serve it to a creditor in order right to take possession of a debtor’s property to satisfy a debt.

Notice of Discovery

If a company needs to obtain information from another party, in regards to facts or documents related to a legal dispute, it will have to serve a “Notice of Discovery,” which will oblige the other party to show what they are withholding from them.

In all these cases, it is essential for the company to follow the proper legal procedures for serving these documents. Since it can differ according to the jurisdiction in charge, it is important to use the services of professional process servers. Consulting with an attorney is also necessary, in order to ensure that the company is compliant with all necessary legal requirements. If not, it could find itself in legal troubles that they did not expect when they sent out the papers for delivery.