Voyce Announces Partnership with Rexall Pharmacies, Now Provides Medical Interpretation Services in Retail Locations Across Canada

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Customers to Canada’s largest retail pharmacy can now receive instant video and audio interpretation services in 240+ languages to help with medication and other health-related questions

Voyce, a technology-driven company dedicated to breaking down language barriers in healthcare, and Rexall Pharmacy Group, the leading pharmacy retailer in Canada, are embarking on a ground-breaking new partnership to help provide more equitable and inclusive access to pharmacy services across Canada. Voyce provides an on-demand language interpretation service that delivers simple, seamless, and secure twenty-four-seven video access to medical interpreters who speak more than 240 languages and dialects, including Quebec and American Sign Language.

“Providing patients with an accurate explanation of their treatment and medications is a top priority for our pharmacy teams,” says Nicolas Caprio, President, Rexall Pharmacy Group. “Canada has a rich linguistic diversity, and this technology enables us to overcome communication barriers to better serve our customers in any language they feel most comfortable conversing in. We are so thrilled to partner with Voyce interpretive services to help bridge these gaps in care and build better trust with our patients by providing them with further options for communications within our pharmacy setting.”

Rexall understands that health and wellness look different for everyone, and the goal of this collaboration is to simplify and support whole health. Along with the full complement of pharmacy services, access to language interpretation will allow customers to receive the best form of care and enable more equitable and inclusive access to community pharmacy services.

“From hospitals and care centers to your local pharmacy, too many language barriers exist in the health and wellness space today, leaving non-English or French speaking patients vulnerable when seeking care,” said Andrew Royce, CEO of Voyce. “Together, Voyce’s integration into Rexall provides consistency in patient experience with professional medical interpretation, regardless of the language spoken. We are excited to bring our innovation and the peace of mind it provides to pharmacy customers across Canada and are proud to help ensure that all those who need can have their voice heard.”

In real-time, pharmacy teams can access Voyce’s network of medical interpreters to seamlessly communicate with patients on their device of choice, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


To view a video about this new partnership from a Rexall location, please visit: https://www.rexall.ca/voyce

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