B2Brazil, the largest online business-to-business platform in the Americas, signed a partnership agreement this month with Bexs Banco, a Brazilian bank specializing in digital payment and foreign exchange services. The agreement aims to offer foreign exchange solutions to the more than 150 thousand importing and exporting companies registered on B2Brazil’s platform, in addition to offering increasingly efficient foreign exchange services, through digitalized processes.

“B2Brazil aims to facilitate foreign trade for micro, small and medium-sized companies. Through our platforms we connect international buyers and sellers and we increasingly want to provide value-added services to benefit and retain our growing base,” said Alexandre Ferreira Martins, partner and director of B2Brazil.

With the signing of the agreement, the companies are now working on implementing the partnership to promote and offer Bexs Banco’s exchange services through B2Brazil’s portal. The forecast is that the service will be available to the more than 150,000 companies using the platform starting in July, and that it will generate transactions of R$ 100 million in one year.

“Bexs Banco is a very innovative and pioneering bank in offering online solutions for foreign exchange services in Brazil. We are very much in sync with the objective of bringing solutions that facilitate our customers’ foreign trade operations in an increasingly digitalized world,” explained Martins.

For Luiz Henrique Didier Jr., President of Bexs Banco, the partnership comes at a time when e-commerce is hot around the world. “We will work to increasingly digitize our foreign exchange services and continue our mission of offering the best services and products in the world to Brazilians, as well as offering the best of Brazil to the world,” he said.

“We understand that foreign trade operations have a lot of growth potential in Brazil, and, like others in other sectors, they tend to migrate to the digital world. The union of our technological solutions for foreign exchange with the capillarity of B2Brazil will bring great benefits to Brazilian companies,” he added.