Manuifacturing machines in a factory

The history of safety is one built on increasing standards for everyone. The team at Automa Safety have revolutionized the industry for people in Brazil, bringing higher standards for all. In the Latin and South America Business Awards 2021, the team were awarded the title of Best Machine & Equipment Security Solutions Provider – Brazil. We dig a little deeper to discover precisely how they’ve achieved such success.

In 2003, the team behind Automa Safety began the process of reinventing the way in which Brazilian business sees safety. For nearly 20 years, the team have been encouraging and empowering organizations to make proactive steps to secure the safety of their equipment, their staff and their customers. With a comprehensive range of services covering a host of different industries, it’s little wonder that they are not only in such high demand, but have achieved such incredible success.

When the team first opened the firm’s doors, the hope was that Automa Safety could become a national reference in the machine security market. Their efforts have been targeted at all times to eliminating any risk of accidents within the workplace, making companies aware of their responsibilities towards the implementation of a safe working environment. It’s environments where people feel safe that are able to grow in a way that is responsible and reliable.

Key to the team’s success, therefore, is an approach which champions quality above all else. For them, the most important thing is making sure that their client’s staff are always safe. Nothing can be allowed to compromise their physical or moral integrity. Whilst emergencies may occur, there’s no reason why sound health and safety protocols cannot ensure that people are safe no matter what.

To take care of people, they must have access to the highest quality of machinery. For the last 18 years, the team have been developing leading solutions in numerous industrial sectors to ensure that their clients maintain the highest possible standards. The vast majority of companies do not reach Brazilian Regulatory Norms, which is why approval from Automa Safety is not only a sign of quality, but a seal of approval when it comes to safety. Their work has provided several solutions such as risk assessments, machinery inventories and training to ensure people feel safe.

Since opening their doors, the Automa Safety team have grown into the largest organization serving the machine safety market. Their metallurgical factory is filled with state-of-the-art equipment to support the highly trained team. The incredible quality of the team’s work is why so many trust them to deliver such a high level of success.

Of course, it’s not just people that the team are concerned with. Automa Safety has made its name through considering the challenges facing the local environment too. Their Environmental Management System allows them to consistently measure and control environmental performance in order to prevent sudden environmental impacts. The team are constantly searching for technologies that will keep them competitive, both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

 The world must become a safer place, and key to that is companies such as Automa Safety raising standards across the board. The work of this talented team is crucial to creating environments where all can feel comfortable. It’s a credit to the team’s hard work and tremendous ability that they have achieved so much for the people of Brazil, and are certain to do so long into the future.


For business enquiries, contact Vladimir Kuse at Automa Safety via [email protected].