Playa Mundo Maya, a new boutique eco-hotel destination, is under construction on the Yucatan coast, located out of the sargassum and hurricane path in the Gulf of Mexico side of the Yucatan Peninsula in Isla Aguada, which just recently has been appointed “Pueblo Magico” – a top holiday destination in Mexico.

Isla Aguada has the most attractive white sandy beach in the State of Campeche; the area is set to be the brand-new luxury holiday destination: Playa Mundo Maya.

The first holiday rental villas and eco-hostel “La Playita” are ready. Several projects are under construction, and many more will be developed in the 42 km-long beaches to the north of Isla Aguada.

The Global Property Service Group (GPS-Group), the biggest landowner in the area, was just recently authorized to build the first eco-hotel resort and marine life observatory, and numerous eco-hotels, beach clubs, spas, retreats and boutiques will be built.

Mayan Train railway and Tulum Luxury airport projects start operating in 2023 with over 3 million tourists in Mundo Maya Area.

The US$10 billion railway project would link towns, cities, and tourist attractions in five southern states. It is expected to transport 8,000 passengers per day. The train project will trigger real estate investment of at least 150 billion pesos (the US$17.9 billion), according to the chief of the National Tourism Promotion Fund (Fonatur). The government says that the construction and operation of the Mayan Train will generate employment and economic prosperity in the whole southeast of Mexico.

Both the government and the GPS-Group aim to transform the island into the most attractive sustainable tourist destination in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The hotel zone will benefit local people as the land price is expected to increase, and residents are opening their businesses to serve all the visiting tourists. Local people can run every type of business to respond to the growing market’s demand. They will feel delighted with more job opportunities, which ultimately raise their standard of living.

Investors have turned their attention to Playa Mundo Maya, as the demand for hotel rooms is huge as Isla Aguada town has just under 100 hotel rooms available where other Pueblos Magicos have an average of 30,000 hotel rooms.

The most attractive part for investors is that the land price on the island is much lower than the other beach areas developed in the Yucatan Peninsula, where the huge demand from international hotel companies has been already pushing prices much higher in recent years. Regarding the local real estate company: Isla Aguada Real Estate, the average oceanfront land square meter price on Isla Aguada beach is now USD 77 per square meter compared to over USD 350 per square meter Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo coastline. Land price in Playa Mundo Maya is expected to increase strongly in the near future.

For many hotel owners who have faced last year’s severe seaweed problem in the Mexican Caribbean coastline, Playa Mundo Maya presents a natural choice to build their second eco-hotel as the millions of tons of seaweed have been piling up in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and nearby beaches in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Holbox.

Playa Mundo Maya is located on another side of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Mexican Gulf’s safe side, which is away from the sargassum path and the high-risk of hurricane impact.

Isla Aguada and Playa Mundo Maya have all the same ingredients for success as Playa Del Carmen and Cancun had 20 or 30 years ago, including pristine beaches and lagoon, Mayan ruins, and world-class fishing and diving, to name a few.

By the time the Mayan Train railway is operating, the Playa Mundo Maya will be competing with the world’s most attractive destinations for honeymoons and health retreats embracing the heart of Mexican culture.