Happy online business owner in her home office

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, nobody expected that it would last this long. People quickly got bored being trapped inside their homes. Some started to lose hope because they missed their life before the pandemic. Others took all the stress and frustration and transformed it into something productive.

A recent economic survey reports that in 2020 the number of new businesses increased by 12%, and at the height of the lockdown, more than 85,000 online businesses were established. Here is a brief list of some of the online business types that took off during the last two years.


Clothing Shops

Online clothing businesses rank first in the online business chart. The increasing preference for “ethical fashion” is one big reason why online stores have become so popular.

Related to online clothing shops, clothing featuring the works of artists and content creators has also gained popularity on social media and Etsy sites because of their uniqueness. Many underrated artists choose to transform their art into clothing by using custom clothing specialists like Printful t-shirts.


Jewellery and Handmade Accessories

From fancy and delicate to edgy and dark, jewellery truly reflects our personality. Stores selling jewellery and accessories online are quite popular due to the comeback of eccentric styles like punk, goth, or vintage. Recently, fairy-tale-inspired jewellery has become more popular and taken over social media platforms.

Creating a shop to display your work and interact with buyers on sites like Amazon and Etsy may take less than a day. It’s a reasonable business choice to explore if you enjoy arts, crafts, and DIY projects.


Self-publishing Books

From books to journals, sites like Amazon encourage amateur writers to share their creations with the rest of the world while also making a profit. If you can obtain a few hundred sales in the first week with your book, Amazon will take over and promote it for you. A good start for this type of small business is to design children’s activity books, journals, or stories.


Cosmetic Products

Chemical pollution, plastic pollution, and, worst of all, animal cruelty are just some of the cosmetic industry’s negative side effects. Online customers are becoming increasingly conscious about their purchases, particularly when it comes to cosmetic items. One of the trendiest internet business ideas right now is to open a beauty shop with a strong policy against pollution and animal abuse that resonates with environmentalists and animal lovers.

The best part is that you can share the creative process with your social media followers, thus gaining their trust and creating a sense of community.


Writing & Proofreading

To end this list, we chose to talk about a business you can manage from the comfort of your bed while wearing pyjamas; that business is writing and proofreading. Proofreading, along with translations, is mainly requested by people who conduct academic research and publish their work in formal journals and need official papers checked by a native speaker.

Writing is a more laborious process but can still be fun and stimulating. You can choose to write for websites, blogs, or various businesses.