Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Legal Elite Awards 7 AxisCare Home Care Software Name: Will Martin, VP of Sales Address: 1105 Wooded Acres Dr. Suite 300 Telephone Number:18009307201 Web Address: changing market. The company understands the importance of client care, and as such it invests heavily in both customer support and software development so that clients receive innovative solutions and the assistance they need to use them properly. This exceptional service and unique solution would be impossible without a dedicated team of staff on hand to support clients through every step of the process. As such, at AxisCare employees receive training in actual agencies in order to know best how to support them and develop elegant solutions. These solutions are entirely flexible, and can be customised to meet the specific needs of any given client. This is particularly important in the home care space, where people are the centre of success, and as such AxisCare collaborates with each client to ensure that together they create the perfect solution every time. Operating in such a fast-paced and ever- evolving market, looking to the future AxisCare will remain dedicated to adapting its solutions and service offering around the needs of its valued clients. The company is focused on non-medical Home Care, including private pay, Medicaid, and LTCi services, and has many exciting features and integrations on the horizon in this area. Additionally, the company also understands that EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) has been and will be a necessary solution for home care agencies billing to Medicaid. With each state requiring a different set of standards, AxisCare will remain at the forefront of integrating with state-approved vendors and providing enhanced EVV and scheduling features. Ultimately, this dynamic and flexible approach to providing digital home care management solutions will drive AxisCare to even greater renown and success over the years ahead.