Technology Elite Awards 2019

8 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Kreative Tek Solutions Best Software & Hardware Development Firm - USA As technology usage becomes more widespread, it is also rapidly evolving and businesses are constantly updating their software and hardware capabilities. A software development firm such as Kreative Tek Solutions also offers services in hardware development, networking, Software Development, and common IT services. Based in California, the firm operates from a digital source which is key to their continued growth and success. Kreative Tek Solutions was initially established in 2011 as Rubix Repair and Design, and in 2016 the firm was rebranded and legalized as Kreative Tek Solutions. The firm’s sole purpose is to provide a service that assists clients with various technological issues or problems. Whether it is creating macros or custom scripts for an automated process or more complex projects such as setting up a business from scratch, everyone at Kreative Tek Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that the client and their unique needs come first in every project. Kreative Tek Solutions is largely considered to be a website design and software development company, the bulk of their services revolve around complex and unique software solutions, whilst also offering a myriad of other services for hardware and networking development. Kreative Tek Solutions’ believes that technology enables clients to perform at their maximum capacity by reducing direct effort on mundane tasks. With the ethos of working smarter and not harder, the company understands that the current technological climate is compounded by digital advertising, such as websites, apps, and other sources of advertising, like the ones they specialize in creating. The company is currently operating with several different web and software application Technology is becoming an increasingly dependent aspect of our modern society, and businesses are becomingmore aware of the fact that theymust adapt to survive. As part of their recent win as Best Software &Hardware Development Firmof 2019 in United States, we at US Business News profile Kreative Tek Solutions to learnmore about their successes. developers as contractors, who are working all over the United States on different projects simultaneously. Every engineer and developer that works on projects are qualified to handle the projects, either by experience or certification. Ensuring that each project is developed as it were their own, at Kreative Tek Solutions they work on projects ranging from custom software development to mobile app development and several other developments. This firm helps clients by mainly understanding their needs. Through careful analysis, the company understands each unique requirement and objective for a project so the clients’ project can focus on maximizing overall return on investment (ROI). By understanding and being aware of the problems and issues that could arise, or has arisen at the start of a project, will help with finding mitigations. Giving clients a sense of direction for their business through technological advancement can set them up for success and help their concepts become a reality which is the company’s moto. With three key areas of focus, Kreative Tek Solutions knows exactly how to deliver a project that has an intuitive flow. There are three components in each project, the body, the brain, and the nerves. Kreative Tek Solutions’ analogy is that the body is the hardware of the project whether that is the server or something else, the mind is the software which provides the instructions to the hardware, and the nerves are what acts as the project’s network which sends the software instructions to the hardware throughout the entire project. The software allows for the hardware to receive clear and proper instruction, in order for it to perform any given task with accurate precision and uncompromising efficiency. From generic website designs to more sophisticated custom software systems, Kreative Tek Solutions delivers it all without compromising on the quality of the finished product. The list of software solutions offered at Kreative Tek Solutions as a custom software development firm is extensive, depending on client needs. A few are web development, IOS, Android, Windows and desktop application development, logo, user experience and interface design, and even custom scripting, the software services offered can cater to any business and they can become a one-stop- shop for all IT needs. Finally, networking solutions, ranging from a basic network setup process to an infinitely more complex network structure establishment, having a secure infrastructure is incredibly important for business or home use. What use is either hardware or software if there is no communication between the two? The networking solutions from Kreative Tek Solutions achieves that. Once a project is completed, the support doesn’t stop there. The team at Kreative Tek Solutions always strive to continue and support a system as needed or requested by the client. As varied as the services they offer, Kreative Tek Solutions’ clients stretch from across a plethora of industries, markets, and sectors. Recently completed projects include a database website for beginning and advanced fishermen, an administrative portal for property listings, and a web-based system for governmental occupational data. They have also built their own customer record management/enterprise resource planning (CRM/ERP) system that has the ability to create contracts, invoice clients, manage their blogs, perform QuickBooks like accounting, auto post blogs, encrypted chat, track project status and much more. Their contract signing system has been built entirely by them and can be signed from the computer itself or can Aug19287