Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 51 , “We will never tell our clients, “It only works this way” or “There’s only one approach”. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to develop a customized and focused training experience that will best meet the organization’s transformation and training goals. Additionally, we do not force your organization into a box - we pull you out of the box.” Going forward, the team at The Uncommon League will continue to expand their services in new areas of knowledge, as well as exploring new delivery methods for training, which are both unique and unexpected. Looking ahead, Paul signs off by revealing how the firm will continue to grow in years to come, detailing the techniques they employ to stay one step ahead of the competition. “Ultimately, we never stop learning or experimenting. Innovation drives us every day and it’s not just a slogan on the front door. We will continue to expand our research in 2020 and beyond. We follow emerging industry standards and techniques. Here at The Uncommon League, we never stop thinking, learning, and working to deliver new exciting and innovative training experiences to clients both current and new.” Contact: Paul Crosby Web Address: Company: The Uncommon League Address: 574 Prairie Ctr Dr 135-23, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Telephone: 612-702-3644 Best in Business Analyst Training & Development - Midwest USA The Uncommon League is an award-winning training company for Business Analysis, Agile, and Project Management. Having recently been recognized as the best in business for analyst training and development forMidwest USA, Chief Financial Officer Paul Crosby provided us with a detailed insight into the innovative firm. Since their inception, The Uncommon League has provided in person customized training, pre-recorded video learning and virtual instructor led training. In addition to this, the firm has also provided a number of businesses with award-winning training in a vast range of fields, including agile, business analysis, process improvement, CBAP / ECBA certification, business architecture, and project management to name but a few. Today, the firm is on a mission to provide the very best possible training experience for every attendee highlighting new modern and collaborative techniques for analysis, leadership, process improvement and management, as Paul explains. “Here at The Uncommon League, we continuously strive to find new innovative skills and techniques that will benefit our customers and attendees in their careers. Both our research and experimentation combined with skills and techniques ensures that a broad level of modern collaborative approaches are provided to every customer. We focus on how to take what is learned in the classroom and make it some to life in the work place. Most of all, we believe that success comes from thinking, learning, and working differently.” Paul Crosby Helping the firm to deliver this level of service is the industry leaders, speakers and respected instructors who form the backbone of The Uncommon League. Focusing on practical and not theory, The Uncommon League is pragmatic and thoughtful in bringing their training into the workplace. Discussing the approach the team takes to working with clients, Paul highlights how the instructors work in a collaborative manner to achieve the desired results. “With over 100 years of combined experience in both business analysis and project management, the Uncommon League provides any organization with amazing instructors to help their organization think, work, and learn differently.