Technology Elite Awards 2019

50 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best eCommerce App Optimisation Solution: N7 As the worldmoves increasingly towards digitalization inmore areas, speed, scale and security are paramount for technologymoving forward. Cloud-based SaaS platform, Nitrogen, help accelerate applications, ensuring availability and securing themagainst cyberattacks. Following their win in ‘US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards, we examine the firm to unearth the secrets to their success. Passionate about digital commerce, the team at N7 is helping those companies deliver the best user experience to the customers while meeting business objectives. The firm’s founders boast more than fifty years’ collective experience in proving tech solutions and e-commerce strategies for businesses, as well as a strong passion to improve website performance. Helping online businesses move beyond their limitations; clients can now access a powerful platform that enables them to deliver fast, scalable and secure online experiences across all devices at all times. The mission of N7 has remained the same since the firm’s inception in 2017; to empower online storefront and businesses to provide exceptional digital experiences. Creating an unmatched user experience is key to establishing a higher conversion rate, increased revenue, and enhanced customer satisfaction. In the two and a half years since N7 was created, the firm has continued to observe around 300% growth each year. Businesses are increasingly aware of the major gains that can be earned through having easily accessible and easy-to-use online storefronts. N7’s primary offering is Nitrogen, an omni- channel performance optimizer developed exclusively for digital retailers to enhance speed, scale and security for web and mobile applications while saving on infrastructure costs. Nitrogen seamlessly works with all commerce platforms making storefronts highly available in peak traffic for any location, device, and platform with zero installation, code change, and hardware to buy. N7 Additionally, Nitrogen boasts a built-in web application firewall that guarantees the best security against denial-of-service and other cyberattacks. The platform also offers real- time end-user and traffic analysis, helping businesses understand potential mistakes and prioritize efforts to increase return on investment. Protecting eCommerce assets along with unprecedented insight into the system usage is just one of many ways that N7 has developed a platform dedicated to helping businesses in an increasingly digital era. Preventing customer data breaches, customer identities and the integrity of any website is paramount to online security, and Nitrogen helps establish this. N7, with its ability to scale, origin offload, BOT protection & malicious traffic avoidance reduces SEO marketing cost, reduces infrastructure cost & monetizes long tail by analyzing enormous amounts of data that touches the application, including server data, log data & traffic data. Backed up by a 360-degree proactive and reactive support team, expert staff are always on hand to help even further. Client-focused in all their operations, N7 remains committed to understanding any problem and then using their passion for digital commerce to help solve it. Always keen to help businesses transform, the firm understand that a lot of solutions are only possible with technological advancement. Once a business landscape is defined, most of the incremental advances are easier to adapt to. Overall, N7’s unparalleled success in such a short time since its inception is nothing short of meteoric. Continuing to invest, explore and expand in different areas, the firm remains committed to helping business deliver an unrivaled customer experience online and through mobile applications. Company: N7 | Contact: Manoj Bubna Website: N 7 NITROGEN THE NITROGEN PLATFORM