Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 5 BioLab Sciences, Inc. Constantly seeking to better themselves, BioLab is always looking for ways to im- prove. Whether it’s through adding the right personnel to help develop better solutions or taking steps to get the firm to the next level, Bob and his team are not content to simply settle when it comes to something as vital as healthcare. A recently-hired Vice President of Intellectual Property is searching the globe for game-changing technologies and patents that the firm can license in their pursuit of getting to the next level of success. Throughout the company, BioLab’s culture is one of empathy, caring, and openness. Not only hiring the best people, the firm constant- ly invests and trains their staff, giving them the ability to grow and to own the work that they do. Team members are given the space to think outside of the box, encouraging open communication with every staff member hav- ing a voice within the company. The success of the firm comes down to every member of the team, knowing that they are a valuable member of the organization. Looking towards the future, BioLabs under- stands the necessity for technology in their constant innovation of new solutions and products. Whether it is hardware, software, science or medicine, all areas of technology are continuing to advance at a rapid rate thanks to data accessibility. As more data be- comes more readily available, decisions can be made faster on creating new technologies that can help patients receive the care they need much quicker. Overall, BioLab’s innovative technologies are what have garnered them success, but the team is where they shine. Passionate about creating better outcomes for patients, the work of this technologically savvy firm is the differ- ence between being alive, and truly living. Company: BioLab Sciences, Inc. Contact: Bob Maguire Website: