Technology Elite Awards 2019

4 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , BioLab Sciences, Inc. Healthcare is in a constant state of evolution and develop- ment, with new medicines and treatments surfacing all the time to help improve quality of life. Whether that is helping amputees walk again, or giving a family a few more months with a loved one, medicine’s value to society cannot be over- stated. BioLab Sciences is contributing to the remarkable industry with new technologies and products that are working to help people across the entire world. Founded by President and CEO, Bob Maguire, BioLab Sciences was the result of a life-changing moment in 2013. After surviving a rollover accident, which he shouldn’t have survived, Bob took advantage of his amazing second chance to help people and make a difference in the world. Having realized that he wanted to do more in helping people and make an impact on the world, BioLab Sciences was born after over three years of voracious research. Most innovative Regenerative Medicine, Biotech Company & Most Advanced Wound Care Product: MyOwn Skin BioLab Sciences is a science, research, andmanufacturing company dedicated to creating products that improve the quality of life for people around the world. Uncover the secrets to the firm’s success in regenerative medicine and wound care as we profile the firm following their win in US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards 2019. Since the firm’s creation, Bob has been relentlessly pursuing research regarding regenerative medicine and healthcare treat- ments, founding another biologics company in 2016, before delivering BioLabs in 2018 with business partners, Jaime Leija and Lorenzo Bronson. A self-confessed nerd, Bob delved deep into his passion for regener- ative medicine and read extensively and interviewed individuals around the subject in order to make sure that his firm could deliver the best possible products. Focused completely on giving people the opportunity to physically function in an opti- mal state, BioLabs researches to find better ways to improve biological and regenerative technologies. While BioLabs manufactures and sells their own products, the firm focuses their efforts on solutions, helping to solve problems and to improve patient outcomes. Once a solution has been chased down, fo- cused on and created, BioLab’s products are then, and only then, offered solely through a distribution channel. Distribution partners of the firm have long-standing and trusted relationships with physicians and hospital facilities, and have resulted in record sales growth for BioLabs, month after month. The solutions that BioLabs offer, focus on wound care, orthopedics, aesthetics, sexual dysfunction, ophthalmic, and overall health. Innovation plays a vital role in the company’s progression, utilizing the latest technology to deliver the best possible patient outcomes. One wound care product, MyOwn Skin™, is one of the most advanced technologies Aug19254 within the wound care area of the healthcare industry at the moment. Leveraging a patient’s own cells allows BioLabs to offer an advanced and innovative biotechnology, MyOwn Skin™ is a painless, non-surgical procedure that uses a small sample of patient’s skin in order to produce three larger, partial-thickness skin grafts. From the time of taking the sample to the patient application, the process can take as little as seven to nine days. By taking a skin sample smaller than the size of a pencil eraser, BioLab’s technology can create three separate 4-inch x 4-inch patches of patient’s skin grafts within a week. With skin and blood samples, the skin grafts are prod- ucts of the patient themselves, and can be ap- plied to almost any area of the body in helping patients wounds recover much quicker. MyOwn Skin™’s strategy to wound care is non-invasive, whilst improving recovery times and eliminating any potential rejection from the recipient. The innovative tissue manu- facturing technology is just part of a suite of products, all designed as effective and viable solutions for skin regeneration and repair. Other competitors within the wound care industry and biologics space are making it a crowded market, but BioLabs is focused on ensuring that they can deliver their best possible products. In narrowing their gaze to achieving their own goals and milestones, the firm is aware of the market and it’s needs and focuses inward on what they can do to find and provide better technologies. “...encouraging open communication with every staff member having a voice within the company. The success of the firm comes down to every member of the team...”