Technology Elite Awards 2019

34 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best Insurance Client Management System 2019: HippaWare, LLC Some of the largest operators in the insurance industry are still using paper processes, lacking the efficiencies of scale andmanagement of data. HippaWare’s mission is to automate workflow, while organizing and simplifying client management processes. Discover their success as we examine the firm in closer detail. With more than one million insurance agents across the US, the hours spent manually producing and processing paperwork for group insurance clients ranges between 400 and 1000 hours per year. Annually, this can cost the insurance industry between $12.3B and $30.8B, which does not include the countless staff hours that are spent on paper processes instead of the core business offerings. HippaWare is an online life and health insurance workflow platform designed by industry insiders, aimed at organizing and simplifying client management processes so that companies can focus on their core business, such as customer experience and sustainable growth. The online platform is designed to enable insurance firms to manage higher volumes of clientele quickly and accurately. Scalable and cloud-based, HippaWare’s solution for workflow management makes it easier for companies to structure their growth with minimal staffing. The platform is accessible from any electronic device that either businesses or individuals might own, including tablets and smartphones. Boasting an intuitive user interface and experience, the platform can ensure ease of use with little-to-no training required. Insurance brokers, brokerage firms, enrolment firms, third-party administrators and reinsurers can all make use of the HippaWare platform in handling all aspects of adding and managing new clientele. Seamlessly dealing with complex paperwork, compliance, and client communication, the firm’s platform is the perfect tool for any insurer or insurance firm. By automating workflow processes, HippaWare strives to make sure that checks and balances are all accounted for. The platform does this by assigning, tracking, completing, and verifying critical data, tasks and objectives. For firms and clients, this can help guarantee an added layer of security in quoting, complex compliance issues, documentation, customer data, installation, maintenance, renewals and customer service. Founded and spearheaded by CEO Alecia Nash, the team brings together more than one hundred years’ combined experience to their service. Despite the extensive experience, HippaWare is also extremely aware that they do not possess all the answers, and are constantly on the lookout for industry leaders to work with them in accelerating the growth of their online platform. Alecia herself has worked almost twenty years as a health and life insurance broker, fifteen years as a tech entrepreneur, eleven years with her own IT consulting firm, and two years at a company which saw their growth expand by 550%. A self-confessed educator, Alecia’s focus on leadership, comprehensive and strategic development, budgeting, negotiating, innovating, and technological awareness make her a formidable businesswoman who is committed to streamlining the insurance industry. HippaWare, LLC The mission of HippaWare as an online platform for insurance brokers, is to streamline lengthy and time-consuming processes. Aiming to save the industry billions of dollars every year. HippaWare is focused on removing the daily struggles of too much paperwork while reducing human error. Company: HippaWare, LLC Contact: Alecia Nash Email: [email protected] Website: