Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 33 , SaaS Tech Start-Up of the Year 2019 – Georgia Seeking to reimagine security, Hawque provides amobile app based platform to help businesses and individuals to safely select and hire pre-verified and highly trained security professionals for any business event, office, travel or for personal and family protection. We profile the firmand its creative solution to gain an insight into how it is changing both the technology and security spaces. Hawque is a socially driven, technology start-up that deploys physical security resources to communities, businesses and individuals. Working with this dynamic firm, businesses and users have the ability to hire pre-verified and highly trained security professionals for your business event, office, travel or for personal and family protection. The company’s mobile applications can be downloaded from apple or google stores to access physical security resources ranging from guards, police officers and/or bodyguards. Thanks to its unique solution, Hawque allows clients to source security resources for events, parties, neighborhood patrols, places of worship, one-on-one protection and more. As a result of this diverse range of applications, since its inception Hawque has worked with a variety of companies and individuals from across the corporate landscape. Clients such as WeWork have utilized the firm’s platforms for access to security for member events or BOLO events at different locations in the Atlanta market. Sotherby’s, real estate industry, created a new unforeseen niche early on with our platform, open house protection, which is due to the rise of home showing crimes around the country. Additionally, Hawque works with a vast church that is prominent in the South East, which utilizes the firm’s services for close protection and site security. Other clients range from restaurants to HOA’s, event venues and others. What unites them all the exceptional service they receive when working with this dynamic company and utilizing its creative solution. The team at Hawque understands the importance of partnering with clients and working closely with them to ensure that they receive the perfect solution. To ensure this exceptional standard of service is provided at all times, the firm’s culture revolves around inclusion, diversity of thought and people, as studies will show that diversity is key to a great culture and growth. The company’s leadership, although lean, makes sure to promote ownership, diversity of thought on projects and ideas as they want everyone to feel like they too can contribute with direction and success of Hawque. Ultimately, Hawque’s mission is to make communities safer through technology. They have launched a new initiative called, SafeATL ( ) , which is a community initiative to enhance safety and peace of mind throughout Greater Atlanta. This program provides free security patrols to approved neighborhoods that sign up on its program. Currently, one neighborhood has been piloted and the Hawque team self funded it. They are now trying to expand this initiative to help make safer communities around the city, then the country. Hawque will look very different come this time next year due to opportunities and feedback/request from clients that hire security and small security firm owners. The firm is also seeing an opportunity to expand its product offering outside of physical security and offer possible software/hardware products, as well as a new secured blockchain cloud for select industries. Hawque All of these developments will drive the company forward towards its bright future and propel it to the forefront of emerging security and technology market developments. Overall, Hawque is perfectly positioned to be a big part of the smart city conversation that is taking place globally. Be sure to look for the founder, Chris Rich and team as they were one of the 12 startups picked for the social impact accelerator, intentionally good project in Atlanta. Read More: goodie-nation-announces-selected-startups- in-inaugural-the-intentionally-good-project/ Company: Hawque | Name: Chris Rich Email: [email protected] Web Address: