Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 29 HighCastle Cybersecurity As we look ahead at developments in the information security industry, we see consolidation; every physical part of our environment will continue to be networked and therefore require a defensive security posture. Individual use cases amongst industry sectors will be blurred and gaps will continue to be bridged between ‘consumer information security’ (i.e. Internet of Things (IoT)) and traditional ‘corporate enterprise security’. We are particularly well positioned to be an active part of this consolidation as both our software platform under development and our services portfolio seek to unify specific solutions to information security point problems. We strive to be the industry leading evangelists and creators of world class and highly customized information security services and platforms that comprehensively protect organizations from the devastating reputational, financial and operational damage associated with compromises of their infrastructure and critical data. Join us and learn more about our movement at Company: HighCastle Cybersecurity Contact: Meghan Gorman Website: Once ready for general release, Reconaissis will be a disruptive product solution platform that solves the third and n-th party problem, leveraging a 24/7 ‘credit bureau’ modelled ecosystem powered by AI with the experiential intelligence of an ethical hacker, with hooks into real-time reconnaissance data fully consented to by participating companies. It is collaborative, unified and integrated and allows organizations to divulge as much or as little about their real- time environments to potential and current business partners as they desire. HighCastle Cybersecurity is excited for the developments this solution will offer its clients in solving the third-party risk that is an increasingly common compliance requirement. HighCastle Cybersecurity is both grateful and honoured to be recognized for its holistic and bespoke approach to information security services and penetration testing. Our approach to information security risk is absolutely unique to each and every client, and we have always eschewed a ‘one size fits all’ approach in determining risk profiles. It is this ethos, combined with an outstanding team with untiring work ethic and dedication, that makes this success possible. Our internal culture gives our team the autonomy to create ‘out of the box’ solutions, serve clients according to the highest standards, pursue personal areas of interest in information security and subscribe to the mantra of kaizen, or continuous improvement in all areas of work life.