Technology Elite Awards 2019

28 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best Managed IT Security Provider - New York & Award for Innovation in Penetration Testing 2019 HighCastle Cybersecurity provides award-winningmanaged IT security services by taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win two prestigious titles in the 2019 Technology Elite Awards. Founded in 2015, HighCastle Cybersecurity was created based on the belief that Cyber Risk should be addressed using a robust risk management approach that is as formidable as any financial, operational or reputational risk a company will face. To this very day the firm aims to provide a complete risk management solution via the delivery of enterprise class, cutting-edge cyber security technology to clients of any size in any industry. Supporting a range of clients, the firm focusing on compliance, with the majority of our clients needing to comply with one or more of the complex information security standards required in today’s market by governments (i.e. NIST 800-171/800-53, GDPR, NY State, CA State) regulatory bodies (i.e. HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC) and/or their clients. In addition, HighCastle Cybersecurity serves any company that has experienced a potential security incident or breach and is looking to recover their business operations. The team also serve companies simply looking to harden their defense-in-depth security posture. For all of these clients the firm takes a bespoke approach, and works with the client to ensure that they receive the support they need. The team take the time to evaluate and devise a unique roadmap to full security maturity for each client that is driven by their organizational goals and the work HighCastle Cybersecurity has put into assessing their unique risk profile. People, process and toolset dictate security risk and as such the firm caters to the wide range of potential outcomes of these factors in every organization it has the privilege to work alongside. With this combination of cutting-edge technology and human talent HighCastle Cybersecurity is able to offer its clients the support they need. The founders of HighCastle Cybersecurity had 33 years of experience in industries such as healthcare, finance, economics, managed services, and security technology, and they draw on the advantage of this experience to offer clients relevant and compelling use cases combined with an award-winning service that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace. Its around-the-clock monitoring results in continuous surveillance of points of vulnerability that cannot possibly be undertaken by organizations themselves without significant capital investment. As a result, HighCastle Cybersecurity is an ideal partner for a wide range of clients throughout the corporate landscape. Currently, the firm is working on the development of a platform that addresses and mitigates third and n-th party information security risk called Reconaissis. The vendor, business partner and contractor security risk problem is being inadequately addressed by current methods (i.e. time-intensive and voluminous Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ)) that are outdated immediately after they are completed by third parties. IT environments are highly dynamic and the current SAQ approach is wholly inadequate to keep up with the rapid pace of change as are the highly limited surveillance methods currently on the market, that simply do not go far enough in ensuring third party environments are monitored on a meaningful and robust real-time 24/7 basis. HighCastle Cybersecurity: “Our approach to information security risk is absolutely unique to each and every client, and we have always eschewed a ‘one size fits all’ approach in determining risk profiles.”