Technology Elite Awards 2019

22 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Pitted Labs Best Online Retail Marketplace Management Agency & Consultancy 2019 Aug19234 Fromhumble beginnings just three years ago Pitted Labs has risen to become a premier provider of e-commerce consulting andmanagement services. We offer an insight into the firm’s success and how it has come to win one of this year’s coveted Technology Elite Awards. Originally established in 2016, Pitted Labs is an award-winning provider of Amazon management and consultation services. Founder Tyler Allgaier began his career in the accounting world, and through this work came in contact with many businesses struggling to find their way on Amazon. Speaking with these companies, he recognized a need for Amazon consulting services. Even today Amazon remains the world’s leading e-commerce platform, yet many brands are leaving growth opportunities and revenue on the table simply because they do not know best-practices. Pitted Labs was formed as a result of this expertise and has since grown exponentially thanks to Tyler and his team’s expertise and dedication to offer bespoke services designed with their clients’ needs in mind. After only three years, today the firm is able to provide services spanning the entire Amazon spectrum: from one-off consultations and on-site strategy sessions to turn-key account management. The company’s team looks at the entire picture of their clients’ Amazon business, from listing creation and optimization to advertising to supply chain management, and provide the support and solutions they need to succeed and enhance their presence on this competitive platform. As a result of this extensive service offering and the expertise of its team, Pitted Labs is now able to support a wide range of clients. From multi-million-dollar industry titans to hyper- growth start-ups, anyone selling on Amazon can make use of the firm’s expertise and extensive knowledge of this ever-evolving platform. Since the firm’s inception, its team has worked with brands from a variety of industries ranging from industrial supplies, food and grocery, cosmetics, supplements, apparel, sporting goods, and many others. All of these clients are united by the exceptional, innovative service and personalised support they receive when they work with Pitted Labs. Aiming to act as more than just another listing builder or PPC manager, Pitted Labs delivers intimate, one-on-one consulting with each client to truly understand their business needs and vision. The firm’s experienced team works with their clients to layout a holistic strategy that looks beyond the Amazon channel and can benefit their company in more ways than one. These services help the Pitted Labs team to achieve their mission: deliver the best possible service for clients across Amazon’s commercial platform and the ecommerce space. As a result, they will remain committed to striving towards this and adapting their service offering in line with Amazon’s developments and the ever- evolving needs of clients throughout the corporate landscape. Company: Pitted Labs Name: Tyler Allgaier Address: PO Box 664, Salt Lake City, UT 84110, United States Telephone Number: +1 (801) 994-4806 Web Address: Email: [email protected] “...the firm is able to provide services spanning the entire Amazon spectrum: from one-off consultations and on- site strategy sessions to turn-key account management.”