Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 21 , Focus Works Inc Best Food Manufacturing & Safety Software Company 2019 Aug19458 Formed in 2005, Focus Works Inc is a software development company specialising in offering hard-dollar savings and short payback periods for food processing plants. HavingwonBest Food Manufacturing & Safety Software Company for the second year running in US Business News’ Technology Elite Awards, we examine the firm to discover the secrets to their continued success. Offering customers software- centric solutions for the food & baking industries, Focus Works’ strategy is, and always has been, to provide cost-effective systems that deliver extraordinary return-on-investment in a user-friendly, scalable way. Where other firms see problems, this innovative company sees opportunities and possibilities for continuous improvement. Production, profitability, product quality, management efficiency; everything can be improved, and the aim of Focus Works is to help their clients achieve those improvements. Despite the rising number of food and bakery-related manufacturing software packages on the market, it is important to find one that stands out to ensure they can work with their future needs. Focus Work’s uniquely comprehensive solutions connect to the plant floor production equipment, and can handle receiving, processing, and shipping, right through to nutritional labelling, warehousing and paperless food safety. The personnel at Focus Works are equipped with the necessary expertise to go above and beyond in delivering solutions for customers. With key knowledge in wireless and wired networks, the staff are proficient in handling servers, PCs, mobile devices, multiple PC languages, processor programming, enterprise resource planning, and accounting systems expertise. Another way Focus Works continues to stand out from their competitors is their collaborative system offerings. Each system is modular, and the customer can start off with just what they need, and potentially build upon it. Coupled with their expertise in production control, food, baking, and food safety, this firm offers customers access to a large breadth of creative knowledge. Focus Works solutions emphasis is on ensuring that customers can achieve perfect product quality every time. Their innovative systems help eliminate recalls due to product errors, increase production yield, optimise scheduling, reduce batch cycle times, eliminate operator errors, and reduce ingredient losses by 95%. With full lot traceability and a superior paperless food safety program, Focus Works can help customers to ensure they can do business with major retailers who see this capability as a best practice. With it, customers could do a mock recall in minutes instead of hours with no need to track down paperwork or dig through archives to find the right mixing sheets, production schedule and shipping records. All their production and food safety records are now kept electronically, which is more important than ever in an increasingly digitalised business environment. It is Focus Works’ innovation that separates them from their competition. Driven by a working relationship, the firm finds out what each customer needs and supplies it to them, rather than creating a one-size-fits-all solution that may not work for everyone. Another of the firm’s unique selling points is that they provide continuous 24/7 support for their products, giving them yet another leg-up over their competition. Successfully establishing its brand in the industry, Focus Works has become the corporate standard for many blue-chip, Fortune 500 companies. The company also invests in acquiring industry experience. If there is an area that the firm is not currently knowledgeable in, they work with the customer to learn about it before implementing a solution, to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved. The reasons for Focus Works’ continued resounding success is down to their ability to offer more than just a solution for food and bakery manufacturers. What they are offering is a business relationship, sharing knowledge and improved efficiency at every step. By implementing innovative software that helps with food manufacturing and safety requirements, this firm are not just helping their customers, but also the end consumers who enjoy their high-quality products. Contact: Robert White Email: [email protected] Website: “Focus Works solutions emphasis is on ensuring that customers can achieve perfect product quality every time.”