Technology Elite Awards 2019

16 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Synzi™ Best Integrated Healthcare Communication Platform: Synzi™ Aug19280 Designed with the healthcare space inmind, Synzi is a HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform for home healthcare organizations. As we share an overview of some of this year’s Technology Elite Awards winners, we felt it was important to showcase how this innovative firm is drivingmeaningful change in this crucial sector. fields. This new office space has been custom-designed to enable Synzi team members to “live and breathe” the firm’s core values and inspire Synzi to continue to disrupt the home healthcare market with greater efficiency and effectiveness. With a core goal of continuously enhancing the Synzi platform with future-proof functionality and desirable benefits, Synzi is committed to simplifying complexity and inspiring positive change among healthcare professionals and in the lives of patients. Looking to the future, as healthcare organizations strive to be more patient-centric, Synzi will continue to be at the forefront of technology innovation that helps home healthcare organizations expand their reach and resonance within their community and improve outcomes in a time- and resource-efficient manner. As healthcare continues to evolve, patient engagement technology is shifting to offer enhanced capabilities beyond telehealth to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. There are bandwidth challenges, along with HIPAA and security considerations, which need to be balanced by providers’ and patients’ preferences in devices and modalities. By leveraging virtual care technology to meet all of these needs, home healthcare organizations can better deliver timely, quality care to patients. Award-winning Synzi works tirelessly to create innovative solutions that help home healthcare agencies improve their efficiency and offer cutting-edge care. With Synzi, a home health agency can protect itself from HIPAA violations by using the platform’s secure messaging function to secure ePHI and improve workflows. The fine for a single breach of HIPAA can be anything up to $50,000 per day the vulnerability responsible for the breach is not attended to. An agency administrator can also use the Synzi platform to send patients a cadence of scheduled messages via email or text. Messaging can be customized to the patient’s condition and/or risk for readmission. In-person visits can be replaced or supplemented with virtual visits. Using the Synzi app, an agency’s clinicians can conduct three video-based check-ins in the time it typically takes to drive to/from and conduct one at-home patient visit. Patients can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to receive messages and participate in video-based virtual visits with the agency’s home health clinicians. Synzi’s platform is designed to work across any level of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. All of these functions ensure that Synzi’s platform is able to increase an agency’s capacity to care for more patients and secure more referrals from hospitals, SNFs, and physicians. Synzi’s virtual care platform enables agencies to provide cost- contained, patient-centric care. This dynamic company is constantly seeking to enhance its platforms and apps for the benefit of its clients and their patients. After all, technology is advancing, impacting the way in which everyone lives, and presenting new opportunities to improve the delivery of healthcare. Driven towards innovation, Synzi leverages these changes every day, developing state-of-the-art solutions that make it possible for home healthcare professionals to do what they do, only better. To continue innovating communication solutions for its home healthcare customer base, Synzi announced the grand opening of its new HQ in St. Petersburg in mid-December 2018. The location at 200 Central reflects the firm’s commitment to cutting- edge technology as downtown St. Petersburg is emerging as a hub for talented professionals in the technology and healthcare Name: Lee Horner Address: 200 Central Ave, Suite 2000, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701 Web Address: Telephone Number: (888) 515-5368