Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 15 , Testenium Limited Most Innovative Online Test Automation Platform 2019 & Best E-Commerce Software Testing Experts 2019 A pioneer in the software testing space, TesteniumLimited is a global technology company operating an on-line automation testing platform for testing software and websites without installing any testing tools on the user’s devices. As we showcase a selection of this year’s Technology Elite Awards winners we felt it was important to offer an overview of this revolutionary firm. Aug19323 Initially established in 2014 to showcase a creative testing approach, Testenium has grown over the past five years to become a key player in this space. Unique to the market, Testenium is the only online testing platform in the globe that provides the entire infrastructure online to test the applications using BDD (Behavior Driven Development), Selenium, TDD (Test Driven Development) and Winium. Utilising innovative software and intuitive technology, Testenium generates Test Scripts when users upload Excel file with Locators, Elements, Commands and Test Data and click a button for Selenium Testing. In this case users need only Excel software and a Web Browser on a computer. For testing using BDD, users can provide Locators, Elements, Commands and Test Data in a Feature file on the Testenium editor without uploading an Excel File. In this case, users only need a Web browser on a computer to test any applications, or can even use iPad, Tablet or smart phones to test the applications. As a result, with Testenium users can test their code without any testing tools or programming language compilers installed on a computer. This is a unique approach that is both reliable and user-friendly. With a 100 % online test database stored on both Oracle and SQL Servers, Testenium is able to offer clients security and innovation like no other company. All the tasks such as creating the project, editing projects, adding dependencies, accessing database, executing the test, creating reports and comparing the test builds are done on the Testenium Platform, not on the users’ computer, reducing the margin for error and ensuring space and security for the user. This creative solution can be used from the comfort of any home or office, and is easy- to-use, making it perfect for a wide variety of clients from around the world and throughout the corporate space. All of our clients rely on Testenium to provide them with quality testing solutions that can be provided in three convenient packages: standard, professional and enterprise. Each package offers different frameworks so that clients can get the most out of this revolutionary testing platform. Led by CEO Dr Arasaratnam Arasilango, the firm draws on his immense market experience. Dr Arasaratnam invented the unique concept of generating code for Selenium WebDriver and for BDD and running many test cases in parallel using Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT) concept on server without installing any testing tools on the users’ device. As a thought-leader in the software testing space, Dr Arasaratnam is able to lead Testenium towards even greater innovation, with constant developments driving the company forwards and ensuring that it is ahead of all emerging market developments. His creative solution is a revolution to the software testing market, and is steering the market towards innovation and greater efficiency. As the BDD framework is new to the testing industry and a lot of manual testers are moving to automation testing, they struggle to install and configure their computers without experience. Testenium is the only choice for BDD online automation testing, as there is no other platform in the world that has ‘all the features’ that users will find in Testenium. Looking ahead, Dr Arasaratnam will remain committed to driving Testenium to even greater success and showcasing his pioneering testing solution to an even wider range of clients. Company: Testenium Limited Contact: Arasaratnam Arasilango Website: