Technology Elite Awards 2018

16 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Technology Elite Awards , Knowmail Knowmail is an Artificial Intelligence platform for email, personalized per user. It provides assistant- like benefits including automatic email prioritization to urgent, important, and other, estimated time-to-completion, predicted next-best-actions to save time, stay organized, and get things done …thus enhancing focus to the typical employee, allowing them to become more productive and get more done, with less stress and effort. Knowmail was founded in 2014 by three previous corporate executives who were frustrated by the constant need to monitor their emails in order to stay on top of their game, let alone move ahead. It all began when one day over lunch, the Founders realized they were investing excessive amount Best AI Platform for Email Knowmail is a personalized artificial intelligence platform for email used by businesses, digital assistant vendors, unified communication, and solution providers in order to help employees focus on things that matter most, get more done, and balance work and life. Having recognized the firm in our prestigious Technology Elite Awards for 2018 we decided to showcase the firm and explore the secrets behind its incredible success. of potentially productive time reading often unproductive and irrelevant messages. Together, they came to the realization that if they cannot stop the incoming email flood, they should be able to apply a personalized filter that would allow only relevant and important messages through. From this breakthrough, the idea for Knowmail was born. Building from their experience, Oded and Haim further developed their idea and together they built a team of passionate programmers to build Knowmail: a sophisticated and holistic system meant to free employees from tiring and useless communication granting them more productive time while improving their work life balance. Having experienced first-hand the issues their users face, the Founders were in the perfect position to create something truly extraordinary to meet the needs of a variety of clients from across the corporate landscape. After all, information overload is a phenomenon that is not going anywhere soon, as more communication and messaging channels are introduced, along with growing organizational needs. Unfortunately, this pain is simply growing, decreasing employee engagement and making work life balance non-existent. The growing need, the immense pain employees face, and the ability to actually solve it keeps Knowmail focused and pushing to bring the platform to as many products, solutions, and services as possible: allowing an increased array of users to beat email overload and succeed at work. Today, the firm’s proprietary on- device/cloud personalized artificial intelligence platform has become central to its service offering and can be integrated within a variety of solutions to produce the desired outcome. With a single standard API to ensure simple and quick integration with digital assistants , unified communication devices, or solution providers and CRMs, the platform is designed to adapt to the individual needs of its users. It is now used by a variety of clients including companies and developers who are keen to add a communication AI layer to their products, solutions, and services to improve user experience, keep them engaged and productive. When working alongside a new client, Knowmail collaborates with them to create a solution Oct18498 that meets their direct needs and develop its platform to ensure there will be no configuration, set-up, nor customization needed in order to receive its maximum value. In addition, the team at Knowmail continually invests heavily in monitoring services to make sure their platform remains online and responsive continuously, and as part of this focus, they listen to in-depth user’s feedback and adapt its technology to increase the overall benefits and experience. Remaining at the forefront of emerging market developments, the team works closely with its clients and industry peers to ensure that its platform is truly at the cutting-edge of technological and market developments. This is also made possible thanks to Knowmail being a small yet extremely focused team. Such a team benefits from agility and flexibility, team closeness and ongoing team work, as well as the ability to quickly learn and add or amend the direction with high responsiveness. This ensures that together, the team at Knowmail can offer the solutions clients need and adapt quickly and efficiently around the latest market developments, which is particularly vital when operating in the fast-paced and ever-evolving technology market…especially Artificial Intelligence. Ultimately, over the past four years Knowmail has achieved phenomenal success and will continue to drive to even greater heights while enhancing its already incredible portfolio of satisfied clients.