Technology Elite Awards 2018

14 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Technology Elite Awards , devZing for our customers. This ensures that we are always offering them the very latest solutions that will benefit them and drive them to even greater success. “ In today’s market software is becoming vital, and as such we expect more and more organizations to need our services whether they know it now or not. To accommodate them, we are constantly evaluating the evolution of software development and quality assurance and how it maps back to our services. We always have ideas about how to improve our services and run them by our existing customers to see if they make sense in the real world.” Established in 2009, devZing provides managed hosting for Bugzilla, Testopia, MantisBT, Trac, Mercurial and Subversion. The firm manages the servers, keeps the software up-to-date and backups the data, as well as helping customers to use their software effectively. Wayne explores this service offering in more detail. “Here at devZing, we primarily serve software development and quality assurance teams. Our clients come from all corners of the world. We have public and private organizations, very large well-known brands and tiny start- ups. We know good tooling is important to a successful project. We also know that those tools can require time and attention away from more important things, so we do it for our customers, enabling them to concentrate on what makes their organization unique. “This is particularly vital in an often de-personalized market. We recognize that each of our customers is a real person who is trying to get things done for their organization. Support is often Bug Tracking Specialists of the Year 2018 Drawing on a vast wealth of experience, devZing provides award-winning bug tracking, test case management and version control services. Wayne Allen talks us through how the firm came to win one of our prestigious Technology Elite Awards for 2018. contacted when something is wrong, and it is our job to listen to the customer empathetically and either solve the problem directly or help educate the customer about what they are asking for and what we can provide.” It is this focus on client satisfaction that has helped the company to grow and flourish in a competitive market, as Wayne is keen to highlight. “Operating in a market that is largely commoditized, at devZing we understand that we need to provide high levels of customer service at a reasonable price with little or no downtime or our customers will vote with their feet. As such, we provide support via email and 100% of the time we respond in 24 hours or less (typically much less). We have received many, many complements over the years about how much people are pleasantly surprised that we actually follow through on our support promises. “Alongside this, we also know how important it is that our services are up and running when our customers need them. We make our uptime publicly available on our website, and it is currently 99.9%. Unlike other companies, we do not use tricks, such as excluding scheduled maintenance, to make our numbers look better, and this transparency and exceptional service both impresses and benefits our clients.” Moving forward, Wayne believes that devZing will continue to flourish thanks to its focus on adapting around the latest market developments to provide clients with cutting-edge support, as he is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, continuous learning is the only approach to keeping up in the technology field. The trick is to pick and choose what to spend those precious hours on. I like to have a blend of very specific information related to our business and some more speculative and tangentially related fields. Our customers create product in a myriad of markets and it is good to have some idea what those markets are going so we can be there Oct18644 Company: devZing Name: Wayne Allen Email: [email protected] Web Address: