South America Business Awards 2020

South America Business Awards 2020 | 9 Ronaldo Martins & Advogados is a forward- thinking law firm integrating innovative business solutions with legal services for corporate clients across Brazil. The firm has created a common language that demystifies the law so that corporations and their external lawyers can work together to resolve and manage a broad spectrum of legal matters, from tax and corporate law to environmental. As the firm enters its fourth decade of operation, we take a closer look. stablished in 1990, Ronaldo Martins & Advogados is a provider of legal services and solutions centered on strategic business planning, specializing in tax, corporate, labor, civil and contractual, criminal business, environmental law and wealth and succession planning. Operating in a globalized marketplace, Ronaldo Martins seeks to increase corporate productivity by making the law accessible to all companies and their members. As such, the Brazilian firm has created a unique concept in legal services: a common language between companies and external lawyers. Integrating legal services and business development into one accessible channel of communication, Ronaldo Martins is a facilitator that provides added-value and better results for clients. The common language that has been created by the firm allows the establishment of stronger partnerships between lawyers and their clients that are built on respect, mutual trust, and a commitment to tackling the legal matters of the clients with flexibility and affordability. This enables the search for a vast selection of solutions to resolve any legal matters, incorporating technology, proficient personnel, and meticulous processes. By aligning with clients and their professional ambitions, Ronaldo Martins provides its accessible legal tools and services as instruments for success. The legal team has generated solutions in legal advisory and consultancy in a vast range of business areas since its inception, including the development of structured operations for the merger and acquisition of companies, foreign investments in Brazil and Brazilian investments abroad, consumer relations, environmental issues, drafting of contracts, tax issues, wealth and succession planning and more. Amongst Ronaldo Martins’ strategic tools to achieve the financial goals of its clients, the firm puts emphasis on technology, particularly its Legal Digital Platform, which is used for interaction and strategic integration of its client businesses. The platform was created to accomplish the firm’s mission of making legal services more accessible and as such, allows easy communication via chatbots, as well as regular updates on a client’s legal proceedings, complete with evaluative functions of lines of action, resources and financial information provided by Ronaldo Martins, and easy access to a client’s case lawyer. Online, fast, and secure, the platform is protected by General Data Protection Law, and is constantly evolving to guarantee agility, efficiency and quality facilitated by RPA, Analytics and AI systems. Clients are able to find support and assistance from Ronaldo Martins’ team of lawyers, wherever they may be in the world. The firm’s use of technology enhances its greatest asset: its team of partners, lawyers, trainees, and employees. Spread between headquarters in São Paulo and offices in Miami, Brasilia, Fortaleza and beyond, the team of professionals receives regular training and undertakes qualifications so as to stay at the cutting-edge of legal developments. Moreover, the firm’s specialist department for evaluation of its own services comprising a team of professionals in communications and institutional relations guarantees excellence in all of Ronaldo Martins’ practices. The positioning across various regions has equipped the team with comprehensive knowledge of local legislation and its cohesion with other jurisdictions. In order to maintain this position at the fore of a globalized market, Ronaldo Martins has invested in long-term partnerships with law firms across the world, which will also be vital in the firm’s ambitions for further expansion. At the same time, Ronaldo Martins continues to value its roots in Brazil, by giving back through social responsibility projects such as investing in culture and sports programs. The firm also uses its pool of resources and ethos of accessibility to spread information about legal practices across the country, giving everyone the necessary foundations to handle any legal matters. As for the business itself, Ronaldo Martins has seen a wave of change brought about by the pandemic, with its services being sought to assist companies adapting their business models to succeed in a Covid-19 landscape. Demand has been high for services in M&A, foreign investments in Brazil or Brazilian companies expanding into international markets, and wealth and succession planning for families facing the current adversity of the economic world. Consequently, Ronaldo Martins is developing its strategic and technological tools so as to deliver further efficiency and value in solutions for legal and business matters, making even the most complex matters manageable for its clients. Company: Ronaldo Martins & Advogados Contact: Rodrigo Martins Website: Oct20835 Tax Lawyers of the Year - South East Brazil E