South America Business Awards 2020

8 | South America Business Awards 2020 Nov20451 Litigators of the Year - Southern Brazil Litigation isn’t always easy, so it pays to find the best to support you through challenging times. It’s fair to say that Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica is one of the best. Worthy winners in the South America Business Awards, the team have been recognized for their sterling efforts in the industry. We take a closer look in the light of their extraordinary success. he team at Rücker Curi are dedicated to the practice of corporate law. For clients who need a case quickly and decisively concluded, there are few more capable of offering solutions as effective as this impressive firm. Drawn together to offer a multidisciplinary approach, the team can afford to take the time to understand and truly resolve the difficulties that arise over time. Rücker Curi operates in legal consulting and litigation in a wide variety of cases, ranging from conflict resolution to debt collection. A large team has been carefully organized according to their specialties, which means that the firm is able to tackle any challenge. A high level of investment in staff ensures that clients get help by some of the leading lights of the legal industry. This approach also inspires a high level of updating and training. As the team is drawn together from such a broad spectrum of different areas, what unites them is what ties Rücker Curi together. In this case, it’s shared ethics, a passion for innovation and a commitment to personalized and agile service for clients. These principles guide the firm forward everyday. Close contact is made with customers, so that the lawyers can understand their specifical needs, as well as the objectives of the companies who they support. Over the years, the team has been recognized for their work in areas such as data protection, corporate, contractual, labor, debt collection, banking, fintechs, startups and insurance companies. Some of these industries are incredibly new to the legal system, with the settlements acting as pioneering examples that set a precedent for what is to come. This reflects the demand for innovation in the firm. Rücker Curi is actually a Smart Law Office, with constant updating written into the DNA of how the firm works. Study groups are formed in which lawyers and other professionals constantly research, prepare articles and academic materials on new topics. The innovative nature of Rücker Curi placed the team in good stead for the challenges presented by COVID-19. The team were fully ready from a technological and structural point of view to convert office work to a working from home scenario in a few hours. This capacity has bred a great deal of confidence in the team’s efforts, inspiring new degrees of trust from clients. For many firms, the economic challenges involved in the pandemic have slowed many businesses down, but those who work at Rücker Curi have been kept busy, keeping track of new legal measures and contracts that companies have had to make. In fact, far from reducing the workload at Rücker Curi, it has increased as clients require legal assistance during renegotiations. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for this talented and capable law firm. They plan to inaugurate operations in new areas of law and corporate governance and compliance over 2021, as well as expand their international operations. We are certain that over the next few years, the team will reach new and exciting levels of incredible success. Company: Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica Contact: Izabela Rücker Curi Website: Email: [email protected] Address: Marechal Deodoro, 344, 7º andar, Centro - Curitiba/ PR - 80010-010 - Brazil Av. Paulista, 1079 – 7° e 8° andares, Bela Vista – São Paulo/ SP - 01310-200 - Brazil Tel: Curitiba: +55 (41) 3253- 4664 | São Paulo: +55 (11) 3509-9000 . T Rücker Curi operates in legal consulting and litigation in a wide variety of cases, ranging from conflict resolution to debt collection. Anne Caroline Wendler, Senior Partner | Izabela Rücker Curi, Partner Founder and CEO & Fernando Trindade de Menezes, Senior Partner Image credits: Marcelo Almeida