South America Business Awards 2020

South America Business Awards 2020 | 17 Best Music & Entertainment Radio Station - Uruguay Born in a decade of revolution, LaX is a multimedia hub of Uruguay that represents the Contrary, giving a voice to the unheard and creating a platform for the unknown. Having been the launchpad for so much of Uruguay’s musical talent over the past thirty years, the radio station and platform has become synonymous with Uruguay’s unknown culture of the avant-garde and rebellion from conformity. We dug deeper into this little-known antithesis to traditional Uruguayan society. aX defines itself as a radio station, an agency, a production company, television channel – and a means of inspiration. Born in a turbulent period of rock music and social and political tumult in Nineties Uruguay, LaX is Pura Vida, Independent Culture and Everything Contrary. The station has been seeking hidden truths for thirty years by uniting different voices of all ages and all beliefs from around the world, with 5x new stations in Valencia, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona a Javea, to make themselves heard and create something magical. As the Berlin Wall fell, the digital era took flight and the world became a more confusing but much smaller place, LaX was leading a revolution in sensational and experimental radio. Home to alternative music and journalism, LaX sought to create a platform for minorities and to vocalise the change that was happening around Uruguay and the world. Fundamentally, the radio station was doing away with the status quo and pulling back the curtain to reveal new ideas and forgotten ideals that were once ahead of their time to finally be heard by the world. LaX has therefore become synonymous with the rebelliousness of music of the past thirty years, hosting festivals such as the Rock de Aqua, Montevideo Blues, LaX en Vivo and La Fiesta de la X, which have each been the launchpad of some of Uruguay’s greatest musical talent. Today, the station has grown into a multimedia hub of digital platforms that remains the home of the avant-garde, youthful rebellion, and freedom to express oneself. The platform creates quality content that is not just meant to communicate, but to inspire generations to passionately pursue their dreams, whilst at the same time halting the dizzying chaos of modern life, giving its followers the space to stop, to observe, to listen, to meditate, to cry, think, laugh, do and feel. No one gets anywhere faster, more easily, or further by rushing through life, so LaX tells us to give the present the respect it deserves. As a team, LaX does not seek to be at the cutting-edge of emerging trends, but prefers to focus on simplicity in life which, after all, is already complex enough. Whilst businesses and establishments across the world are constantly pushing forwards, LaX remains true to its culture of the contrary, enjoying the present and all the culture, colour, and life that it holds at this moment. The station has therefore cultivated a unique and positive internal culture that centres on honesty and hard work driven by passion. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of creativity, fearlessness, of cherishing the ones you love and taking the opportunity to view the world from fresh perspectives, LaX has already paved the way for its followers to take the road less travelled, that appreciates the simple joys of the here and now. This contentment has meant that even through the financial pressures brought about by the pandemic, particularly on the entertainments industry, LaX is able to rationally consider how they can minimise impacts so that it can continue spreading its message across Uruguay and now the world, thanks to the Internet and its global reach. However, the battle for freedom of expression and the press remains essential for maintaining democracy, and a great deal of that freedom lies in economic, business, and government independence. As such, as LaX enters its fourth decade of operation, it considers itself grateful for the continued support of its followers. After all, as the LaX philosophy says: “The Environment is my religion, Nature, my god, Respect, my law, Being Human, my flag, Trust, my spirit, Love, my faith, Friendship, my engine, Culture and Counterculture, my foundations. LaX is you … and without you, it is impossible.” Company: Contact: Alejandro Fontaina Terra Website: L Nov20642 “Picture of my grand father Raul Fontaina D´Oliveira. A pioneer in telecommunications in Latin America. Founder of the first Tv Channel in Uruguay and South America. Saeta Tv Channel 10. President of AIR ( International Association of Broadcaster´s) and President of ANDEBU (Uruguayan National Association of Brodcaster´s)”