South America Business Awards 2020

16 | South America Business Awards 2020 Oct20711 Most Sustainable Architecture Practice - Ecuador The world of architecture is not a purely aesthetic pursuit. Aside from the practical considerations, the designs of an architect reflects their approach to the world. The team at odD+ have been brought together by a passion for the futuristic, but are inspired by nature. We take a closer look at the firm, following their impressive success. hat does it mean to confront and question the norm? To the team at odD+, it’s a way of creating something totally different. They create stunning state-of-the-art design solutions for their clients, drawing on a long history of impressive skill. Working at every scale, from design to execution, they are the ideal partners for a wealth of different projects. At the heart of odD+ is a passion for nature. The team are not only inspired by the natural world, but determined to incorporate its systems and processes into every part of their work. Good design helps to improve people’s quality of life, and at odD+, the aim is to do this through applying the principles that nature suggests. Instead of seeing the challenges in bringing a dream into the physical world, it’s a joy to the odD+ team. They are problem solvers to the core, determined to use history and science to develop new techniques that can benefit humankind. The aim is to harness the diverse ingenuity of the whole team in order to make projects that are fantastical, affordable, buildable, and beautiful. Such an approach has brought about a great deal of interest from a broad spectrum of clients. The team have worked for those in the public and private sectors, from helping individuals to design their new homes, to real estate developers who wish to make a mark in their city. Clients come to odD+ when they have a concern for the environment and want to make a difference to improve the collective well-being. Each project begins with as open-minded an approach as possible. This allows the team to explore new designs that can have innovative processes, technologies and programmatic solutions applied. Currently, the team can be found in Quito, Ecuador, a small country that faces challenges in the social, economic, and political realm. This has brought its own unique challenges when it comes to growth. Many factors that it is dependent on are outside of its control. Of course, these challenges have only served to make the team strong, with a resilient and resourceful approach that is essential to a 21st Century startup. Despite these humble beginnings, the team have not only developed many projects for clients, but have found that the demand for their services only continues to grow. Currently, the team are looking at new and exciting possibilities in Ontario, Canada. Here, they believe they have found a place where they can broaden their horizons and design new projects to fit an exciting new range of contexts. Creating such an impressive portfolio of work is a credit to the hardworking team behind odD+. The development of these employees has been key to the team’s continued success. Often, a great deal of W time and energy is put into forming an employee so that they can meet the needs of the company. The approach that this practice takes is highly specialized, as is the work, so standards are high. Ensuring that someone fits in is paramount, so a three-month trial is usually required before someone joins the firm for good. Success is not easy to find, but the team at odD+ have made it their business to persevere with the unconventional. We celebrate their success here, and look forward to see what this astonishing team come up with next. Company: odD+ Contact: Parshan Fatehi Web Address: Email: [email protected] 1 | S t A ri B i A r 2 Oct20886