Software and Technology Awards 2021

Software and Technology Awards 2021 | 5 Changing the future of sports and fitness through advancement of technology, FitLift is rising as a prominent brand within the industry. Through outstanding innovation, we spoke to Blaine Killen, the founder and CEO of FitLift, on how the business continues to pave the way forward ahead of competition and improve consumer’s fitness technique and form through seamless customer service and outstanding products. n modern professional sports, any competitive advantage can prove quintessential to success. To put it simply, FitLift is that advantage. Through outstanding quality, durability and a hyperfocus on improving customer satisfaction, the word ‘niche’ comes as an understatement, as the business continues to completely revolutionize the market, partnered with an unmatched work ethic for improving fitness technique. Some 11.9 million sports injuries occur per year around the world due to poor technique while training. As Blaine makes clear, FitLift has sought to provide a solution to this issue. “FitLift is shaping the future of the personal training industry by being a leading technology platform to perform velocity-based training and receive feedback on technical execution while weight training. We provide trainers with the data necessary to drive up to 15% better results in the gym. For pro and college sports teams, we are that 1% edge in the gym that results in more wins on game day.” With numerous years of experience in technology including 4 years of experience at Microsoft, and being a founding member for Syracuse University’s chapter for the Association of Computing Machinery, Blaine is fervently interested and skilled in the technology industry, and shows clear aspirations for future growth. Keen to tell us more about the plans the business has to maintain its lead over competition, Blaine says: “We recently launched our product and are currently seeking funding to reach the next milestones for our company. In 2022, our goal is to add Android support and expand to CrossFit and mass-market gym facilities. In 2023, we aim to establish ourselves as a dominant player in our market followed by leveraging our core technology to grow our offering to other sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, and yoga.” With clear aspirations in partnership with current outstanding growth, FitLift is becoming a prestigious brand within the sports and fitness industry. Fully experienced within the market, the business continues to act on the potential for opportunity. Focused on the constant betterment of products, FitLift has already made several adaptations to improve the practicality and quality of it’s wearables and applications, as Blaine is the first to admit. “The alternative solutions that do use wearables lack advanced motion tracking and are expensive, which give little value to the end consumer. We are more B2B friendly vs our competitors as our device is light weight, portable, and cheaper per athlete, made possible through the lower cost of goods sold from our supplier partnership. “Furthermore, the current market solutions don’t provide feedback on users’ technical execution, which our platform does through leveraging our device’s advanced motion tracking capabilities.” Ultimately, FitLift continues to show its growing prominence and intention for further growth. Currently partnered with Team DSM pro cycling team and used by 58 of their athletes for weight training, as well as gaining recognition through being named in “Top 50 Global Innovator in Technology” by InterCon and recognized as a “Top Fitness & Exercise Startup In Washington” by Quins Magazine, FitLift is, without doubt, completely deserving of this award. Company: FitLift Address:25028 110th Ave SE Unit C , Kent, WA, 98030 Phone number: 8325778611 Website: Aug21005 Best Wearable Fitness Technology Provider 2021 - USA I