Software & Technology Awards 2020

34 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Oct20018 Most Advanced Video Editing Platform 2020 Cloud video editing and publishing platform, Blackbird, is taking the world of video by storm. Recently we caught up with the firm’s Marketing Director, Adrian Lambert to find out more about how content is king. lackbird is the world’s fastest, most powerful professional cloud video editing and publishing platform. Enabling remote editing, Blackbird provides rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and longer form content to multiple devices and platforms. A fully-featured editor accessed through any browser, easy to learn and needing only limited bandwidth to use, Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organisation working with video. An ultra-green technology, Blackbird supports the sustainability goals of the media production industry, with big-name customers, including IMG, Sky News Arabia, Deltatre, Peloton, A+E Networks, NHL, Eleven Sports, Riot Games, Arsenal FC, the U.S Department of State and 51 local US news stations with TownNews. The media production industry is growing rapidly due to consumer demand for video across multiple platforms and devices. Illustrative growth stats present interesting factoids such as one third of all internet users are active on YouTube; 500 Million people watch video content on Facebook every day; 82% of all internet traffic is video; and one million minutes of video content is consumed per second cross the internet. Adrian Lambert is the company Marketing Director and has extensive experience successfully running the marketing operations for public companies, PE backed businesses and B2B SMEs. In a world where video content is king, he tells us in more depth about some of the impressive features that help Blackbird differentiate in such a competitive market space. “Blackbird very easily enables highly responsive and fully featured remote editing for live and non-live content and can be used in a browser with a standard laptop,” he begins. “It empowers production teams to work collaboratively – easily and rapidly creating great video content for multiple devices and platforms including web, broadcast, OTT and social. “It is also seamlessly scalable and powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organization working with video. Blackbird can be used on-premise or as part of a hybrid workflow and integrates with the major public clouds.” A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Adrian excels in implementing highly effective, no-nonsense marketing plans that deliver to the bottom line. Having grown multiple companies in the UK and international markets operating in sectors such as technology, software, manufacturing, entertainment and aerospace, he is passionate about the transformative effects well-executed marketing can have on any business. Recently, Covid-19 has forced a lot of enterprise media production teams to work from home and Adrian tells us that Blackbird is the ideal professional video editing platform to use at home. B “It can be accessed through a browser on any laptop, runs on just 2Mb/s of bandwidth and requires no storage or other infrastructure. This makes Blackbird a revolutionary technology in the video production industry.” Blackbird has a strong opportunity to build partnerships with large- scale global OEMs – such as a recent deal with Tata Communications – and public cloud platforms, helped by its growing reputation and increasing brand awareness from prominent deals signed over the last 12 months. “Its near-term prospects have been lifted by Covid-19, with the video editing industry more actively exploring remote working, and Blackbird’s typical sales cycle has shortened from 6-9 to 3-6 months,” Adrian says. OEM partnerships should drive significant revenue growth, with a limited effect on costs, as OEMs resell to their clients and provide first line support, giving a realistic prospect of Blackbird moving into profitability and showing its true potential over the next two years. Further opportunities may arise for Blackbird to expand its current relationships into larger scale OEM partnerships with the three main public cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “Beyond this, the flexibility of Blackbird’s technology provides scope for OEM partners to commercialise other potentially large-scale applications in the future.” Contact: Adrian Lambert Company: Blackbird Web Address: