Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 35 Nov20120 As one of the fastest-growing software development companies in Poland, FlexDev has forged a remarkable reputation in just one and a half years. In 2020, FlexDev was recognised as the ‘Best Nearshore Software Development Specialist’, acting as a fitting denouement to what can be considered- by all regards - an immensely successful start in the industry. We allow our clients to own their best assets [their people] and manage the centres locally, from administration to legal, finance and brand marketing - taking all the headaches away from clients. - Rafal Chomicz, CEO, FlexDev There’s nothing slow about the global technology market. Those that want to succeed in such an arena have to reflect the speed, adaptability and dynamism of the industry itself. Not content with staying in one place, the market looks forever forwards. Onwards. To more. To better. While the technology landscape is often defined by its most colossal paragons, it is often its newest members that make the largest waves. This is very much the case with FlexDev. Working alongside the UK’s largest fashion retailer, FlexDev has quickly impressed with capabilities that bely its tenure on the market. Indeed, the company was handpicked due to its specialism in providing bespoke, end to end nearshore centres for large enterprises – with many of its clients listed on the FTSE100 and NASDAQ FORTUNE 500. Yet, this ignores one of FlexDev’s most important successes: thriving during 2020, a year so defined by uncertainty and seemingly insurmountable challenges. It’s no secret that the e-commerce sector was one of the few that emerged last year not only relatively unscathed but, dare we say it, stronger than it entered. However, it would be remiss to put FlexDev’s enviable growth down to simple luck and being in the right place at the right time. No. For the company has a core ethos which serves to differentiate it from countless others who struggled over the last 12 months – and that core is a dedication to client centricity. This is made more evident when framed against the reality of the company’s success. Going from zero employees to eighty in a year and a half, the company has harnessed service scalability and personalisation without sacrificing client service. That’s a feat that larger and older firms have struggled to balance, with growth often leading to a worse client experience. That’s certainly not the case here. In other areas, FlexDev sought to capitalise on the spirit of its status. When you think of today’s new businesses, you think of the importance of brand image and culture. By championing diversity and inclusion, it has built high-performing, creative, cross-functional teams of experts at the top of their game, looking to accelerate the digital metamorphosis of their clients. Crucially, this foundational approach to company culture extends to FlexDev’s clients, with the understanding that their own individual brands and identity need to be reflected in the nearshore model. Throughout all of this, costs are controlled, and business objectives met. As part of its journey over the last couple of years, FlexDev has coined the term ‘Next Generation Delivery Center (NGDC+), which encapsulates the future-thinking centre of the company and industry. After all, what else does the industry represent than the idea of constant improvement and progress? These next-generation centres are built on the back of the latest technologies and methodologies, and create an open, and inclusive company to accept people with diverse skill sets, backgrounds and traits. This push for multi-disciplinary, adaptive individuals is a trend across the market as a whole, and those that realise this early are sure to see their efforts paid back ten-fold. It’s a remarkable proactive push on FlexDev’s side, and only serves to act as testament to its position as a pacesetter in the industry. Ultimately, FlexDev’s success is balanced across three distinct pillars: Client-centricity, diversity of thought and proactivity. Based in Poland – which is currently seeing an immense boom in its software and technology offerings – has only served to act as an accelerator for the company, allowing it to expand with minimal obstacles. As impressive as its client base is, the secret to the company’s success lies in the efforts made at its inception. In its ethos, leadership and understanding of the changing needs of the companies it works with. All in all, FlexDev is a ‘one- stop-shop’ that looks set to establish the industry’s paradigms and best practices in the years to come. There’s no compromise when it comes to delivering a quality service with FlexDev, and it shows in its swift success. A ddress: Poznan, Poland W ebsite: Tel +UK 0207 193 8726 Poland +48 791 21 21 24 Email [email protected] FlexDev Wins Nearshore Specialist of the Year “ “ FlexDev CEO Rafal Chomicz at FlexDev's HQ in Poznan, Poland.