Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 33 Nov20227 Luraco Technologies is a high-tech corporation dedicated to providing research, advanced technologies, and innovative products to a range of sectors. Following the firm’s well- deserved success in the Software & Technology Awards 2020, we got in touch with Robyn Readicker to find out more. Best Advanced Research Technology Provider - Texas stablished in 2005, Luraco Technologies from the outset has been recognized for superior patented technologies, a diverse work environment and an innovative, team-orientated approach. Going into further details, Robyn provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical clientele. “As a company, we are dedicated to research, development, and the manufacturing of advanced products for the military and industrial, residential and commercial sectors. The technical staff here including engineers and scientists, specialize in advanced robotic system designs, sensors and controls, embedded systems, mixed-signal electronic designs, software application developments, PCB designs, condition-based monitoring, and mechanical system designs. Naturally, our mission is to foster the research and development of new technologies for next generation, high-performance based residential, commercial, and government applications, while promoting job opportunities in the USA.” In its attempts to truly distinguish itself from some of its competitors, Luraco Technologies focus on improving the living and working ways of life by inventing products that resolve a problem or serve a need. Technological breakthroughs play a key role in this regard as Robyn explains further, while citing some key examples. “The nail industry was threatened as pedicure customers were spreading infections, and at the time the existing design was circulating water through unclean pipes. Industry leaders approached Luraco Technologies with a request for a solution as customers were opting to forego pedicures due to the risk of infection. Businesses were shutting down due to customer apprehension, while Dr. Le and his engineers invented a component that is now in its second generation called the Magna Jet. The Magna Jet circulates the pedicure basin water with air flow using a magnetic coupling and a dry-side motor. The Magna Jet was deemed to save the pedicure industry because it allowed customers to return with confidence knowing they were getting pedicures in risk-free environments. “Another technological breakthrough came when Luraco’s R & D team recognized the low quality of massage chairs being imported to the U.S. Not only were they made of inferior quality, but they were also not built for “American-sized” bodies. As a result, the R&D team at Luraco Technologies set out to make a top-of-the-line massage chair using American ingenuity that would deliver a beneficial massage and would fit taller and larger people. Working with health experts to make sure acupressure pressure points were maximized, while introducing electronic controls similar to smart phones, Luraco created the top selling i7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair which is now considered the top selling luxury-end massage chair.” Regarding the firm’s internal culture, much of it evolves around teamwork and a focus on customer service as Robyn points out. “While our team of R&D electrical engineers are focused on creating products for the future, they also work with our customer service team to analyse and identify possible improvements to our products that are already on the market. Every teammember understands the importance of open and clear communications and it starts from top management down.” Finally, Robyn discusses the career backgrounds of CEO Tom Le and CTO Dr. Kevin Le who have clearly been instrumental behind the firm’s success, before discussing some of its future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “With parents that valued education first, Tom Le and Dr. Kevin Le focused their education on electrical engineering, both achieving advanced degrees. After a period of time working in the private sector, they then directed their passions towards creating their own company in 2005. Shortly thereafter, they secured United States Governmental contracts for new components in the Apache and Black Hawk Helicopters. Being natural inventors, Luraco currently holds 34 patents with 10 patents pending. “The future of Luraco Technologies is bright having spent the last two years developing a significant new product (Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair) that will be launching in mid-2021. While maintaining production of earlier generation luxury massage chairs, the i9 will introduce new technologies that are unseen in any other product on the market.” Company: Luraco Technologies, Inc. Contact: Robyn Readicker Website: E Left: Tom Le | Right: Dr. Kevin Le