Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 23 Best Financial Software Implementation Support Provider 2020 The technology industry is constantly evolving and updating software available to financial institutions who continue to face the challenges of rigorous global regulatory and compliance requirements, while adapting to rapidly changing delivery channels, system requirements and enhanced industry standards. iSoftware4Banks (iS4B) is a top resource for specialized personnel and automation products for the financial industry. The ‘i’ in the company name stands for ‘innovation’ and the company is dedicated to supplying banking and technical expertise, consulting resources and innovative solutions via its software solution partners to guide its customers through these challenges. Find out more as we profile the firm following its success in this years’ Software and Technology Awards. nhanced industry standards such as Real Time Payments, SWIFT gpi, ISO20022 and Blockchain continue to challenge financial institutions. At the same time, regulatory reporting mandates are increasingly demanding faster and more granular information, while pressure on cost and resources will ultimately result in further polarization of service providers unless drastic changes to legacy systems and processes are adopted. iS4B helps financial institutions meet these challenges with cost effective, end-to-end consultancy services and systems, and application modernization and transformation solutions. A solid understanding of global payments, banking operations, financial regulatory compliance, and reporting automation - coupled with extensive experience of the impact on technology and operations within the financial industry - allows the team at iS4B to supply innovative solutions to help improve and simplify implementations of new technology and operational processes. The company’s team of industry proven operations and compliance professionals has the knowledge and experience to apply the power of innovation to propel banking services and opportunities now and for the future. The company has provided services across the globe since 2012. It is the company’s mission to provide financial institutions with years of consultancy experience in the operations of banks with strength, innovation, and authority. Much of the success that iS4B has experienced over the years can be attributed to those who make the decisions at the business, and those who have influenced things from the top down. Vincent Raniere, Chairman and CEO of iS4B, is a self- motivated leader, entrepreneur, and creative thinker, providing a deep understanding of the banking industry framework with more than thirty-five years of banking, business development and strategy, and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry. As a business however, the work of iS4B continues to stand out in tandem with Mr. Raniere’s work. The firm has taken on individuals that it has worked with before, and therefore knows very well. The team at iS4B brings a deep understanding of the banking industry framework and has a proven understanding, vision, and leadership to drive systems and operations transformation and modernization projects. They have developed software, planned, organized, directed, and managed major banking initiatives for financial services organizations around the world including leading payment, regulatory reporting and compliance systems transformation efforts, conducting audit and compliance reviews, and managing critical software installation projects. E Oct20204 Going into the future, the firm will continue to leverage its relationships at C-level, with many people who have actually worked together in banks or banking institutions. The same goes for vendors that support banks. Regardless of how big the banking industry is, there are always individuals that know and have worked alongside each other. iS4B develops those relationships in a bid to propel banking services into a new generation of innovation like never before. The firm is fully deserving of this latest success, and the work of Mr. Raniere and the iS4B team cannot be overstated in achieving this success. Company: iSoftware4Banks, Inc. Contact: Vincent J. Raniere Website: ...the firm will continue to leverage its relationships at C-level, with many people who have actually worked together in banks or banking institutions.