Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 19 Cybersecurity services provider, Tuearis Cyber, is committed to providing the best and latest security solutions to its clients to ensure they can continue to operate in a safe and secure manner. We speak to CEO, Jason Elmore, who tells us more about the firm’s offering and how Tuearis stays ahead of the game. uearis Cyber, a Veteran-owned business, provides cutting-edge and customized cybersecurity solutions to clients in the form of both professional security services and managed security services. With a mission to provide the best in cybersecurity solutions in order to secure the lives and property of their clients, Tuearis Cyber focuses on security risks and believes that cybersecurity now plays an essential part in the functioning and progress of society. Jason Elmore, President and Chief Executive Officer, founded Tuearis Cyber after serving in the United States Air Force for 12 years. His expertise in cybersecurity and work on Department of Defense projects led to an illustrious career as a Cybersecurity Consultant and SIEM specialist working with Fortune 100 companies and various governmental agencies. Tuearis Cyber prides themselves on the ability to bring enterprise solutions to mid-market companies with custom-tailored solutions for each and every client and environment. This is essential in order to build a security program that best suits each client and industry due to the evolving nature of modern cyber threats. “We stay ahead of emerging developments by being technology agnostic and examining technologies independently,” he explains. “We are a cybersecurity service; technologies are just tools. We use only leading tools and we exchange those tools when better technologies emerge.” The firm places great emphasis on the wellbeing of its staff where the internal culture is patriotic, innovative and collaborative. “We ensure clients have access to the expertise relevant to their struggles and we look for creativity, passion, and specific security expertise when recruiting.” Tuearis (meaning Guardian in Latin) has been involved in a number of high-profile cases and performed post-breach forensic analysis, remediation, and various SIEM projects for companies such as Spirit Aerosystems, American Airlines, Target, AIG, Dyncorp, Protiviti, IBM, and Robert Half, as well as many small and medium sized businesses and governmental organizations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rush for companies to get employees working from home with remote access, many breaches have taken place and security has been compromised. This has, in turn, been a lucrative period for Tuearis Cyber which saw a dramatic increase in customers seeking their security expertise. And indeed, the future looks bright as the company plans to lead the way in implementing and managing the most effective security solutions as and when they emerge, always remaining at the forefront of its industry. Tuearis’ expertise in the latest security compliance requirements also enables their clients to provide their own services regardless of evolving governmental and industry specific regulations. “Our latest offering is our Fusion Center which is able to incorporate numerous security tools and disciplines into our Security Operations Center creating the most advanced managed cybersecurity solution available in the marketplace.” Contact: Justin McCorkle Company: Tuearis Cyber Web Address: “We ensure clients have access to the expertise relevant to their struggles and we look for creativity, passion, and specific security expertise when recruiting.” Oct20345 Best Managed Security Solutions Provider - USA T