Software & Technology Awards 2020

18 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Best Nearshore Software Development Consultancy – Argentina Argentinian firm, Coorva, consists of an IT Staff Augmentation company that connects highly- talented software developers and designers with world-class projects. They deliver peace of mind to clients by bringing the talent their businesses need the most. Taking time out of his busy schedule, Coorva Founder, Gabriel Cartuccia speaks to us about what the award-winning services have to offer. ounded in 2015 by Gabriel Cartuccia with a small team of software developers, Coorva has since expanded in 2017 to have UX/UI designers too. Now, it incorporates a full digital team of QA analysts, DevOps engineers, and project managers, with the end goal being to cover all the roles required to complete every step in the software development life cycle and offer a complete value proposition to clients. Gabriel is a Software Engineer, graduating with honors from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He now has more than fifteen years of experience in the software development industry, focused on web platforms and mobile apps, and over five years of experience as an entrepreneur running the business. “Back in the day, I worked on lots of projects poorly managed, technically and humanly speaking, and professional development wasn’t a priority. Furthermore, in the Argentine market, software engineers did not earn good salaries. So, I decided to change all those things,” he explains, telling us about the rationale behind Coorva’s inception. Gabriel has got Daniel Trinchero on board as VP of Engineering and Managing Partner. Together along with the team at Coorva have the mission to leverage its expertise successfully and cost-effectively assist businesses with their software development projects by using exceptionally talented developers and designers; and an ambitious vision of positioning the brand as a well-known leader in the US and Latin America software development industry. Whilst many companies center their value proposition on client satisfaction alone, Gabriel does not believe that this model is right for Coorva. Instead, he prefers a balance between the client’s needs and the firm’s professionals’ well-being. He highlights that the key to this is setting the right expectations up with the client, and coaching the team to get things done following a well-defined roadmap and feasible timelines. “Our professionals are so crucial to our business as our clients are, so we have to take good care of both parties. We advocate delivering peace of mind to our clients and teammembers.” Another thing that Coorva does differently is utilize a time and materials pricing model, which Gabriel believes is the most effective and flexible way to quote clients, as very few projects have a 100% defined scope to start, and it is not always easy to accurately estimate the size of a project in terms of effort and duration. Being based in Argentina also has its benefits for the company as it is just a couple of hours ahead of the US time zones, making it a very cost- effective offering for US-based companies looking for a nearshore leg. Furthermore, especially in Buenos Aires, professionals have very good English skills making conditions perfect for exporting professional services to the United States. The human factor is essential at any company or organization to reach success and Gabriel is committed to taking care of his employees, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which saw Coorva adapting its processes to go fully remote. In fact, during this crisis, the firm has fared very well, and the welfare of its staff-base has not dwindled. “We lead our team by example. If we want our employees to commit and work hard, the leaders at Coorva must work harder. If someone needs assistance, the leaders are there to help. We all provide high-end services, externally to our clients, and internally to our employees and collaborators.” Regarding the future, Coorva is intending to go the extra mile in terms of marketing and has plans to consolidate the brand in social media and search engines, thus taking its digital identity to the next level. “We are also looking forward to growing Walead,” Gabriel says, speaking of a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that the firm has developed and successfully launched to help small businesses turn inquiries over WhatsApp into sales. In September 2020, Walead ranked first on Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute accelerator program. A few weeks later, Walead’s CEO Tomas Centeno was commended with the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Fundacion E+E of Argentina. “Walead is a SaaS start-up we have co-founded as a technical partner, leveraging Coorva’s resources and expertise. We’ll focus on increasing the user base, marketing strategy, and adding new features.” Contact: Gabriel Cartuccia Company: Coorva Web Address: LinkedIn: gabrielcartuccia Nov20012 F