Software & Technology Awards 2020

Software & Tech Awards 2020 | 13 Dec20198 Intersect Systems is a developer of records management software systems that is well-known for its innovative series of Retention Schedule Manager software applications as well as comprehensive workflow components for remote locations, an extensive global editor system for retention and related large-scale database updates, and a new integrated public records request manager. As the firm nears thirty years of operation, we take a closer look. Document Management Software Developer of the Year 2020 - USA Intersect Systems Inc, a privately held Texas corporation established in 1992, is dedicated to the development and sale of cutting-edge, scalable and affordable software systems for records management. Its comprehensive systems include software applications for developing and managing records control schedules in order to comply with state and federal records retention requirements, scalable records database systems for management of electronic and physical records and related organization-wide workflow processes, among other related systems and applications. Nearing thirty years in business, Intersect is widely recognized across Texas for its series of Retention Schedule Manager Software database applications. The system is a ground-breaking piece of technology in the form of a special purpose word processor and editor that can be integrated into existing systems and was designed to allow a local government or state agency to easily create a suitable local control schedule through point-and-click selection of an appropriate retention items form, which also included custom retention items where necessary. The series began with the publication of the Texas Retention Schedules for Local Governments and State Agencies in 1994, which Intersect continues to provide today. The system tracks any revisions made to the Texas schedules by local government, while also supporting any submissions for approval of amendments to the Texas State Archives and Library Local Government Division. This specialist series integrates with Intersect’s comprehensive Records Control and Management (RCAMS) database systems for managing electronic and physical records, which facilitates automatic calculation of retention disposal dates as new records are input into the database. The system’s state-of-the-art image indexing and related functions allow image scanning and indexing to be added if required, and it is the system’s availability in a flexible range of configurations and licensing options that have made the RCAMS an ideal choice for organizations ranging from small local governments to large cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, state agencies, and businesses. The institutions that work with Intersect are able to benefit from the organization’s industry insights. Many of these insights are acquired through Intersect’s role as the exclusive publisher of Clark’s Encyclopedia of Records Retention, a compilation of approximately 4000 business records titles and suggested retention periods for commercial enterprises, available in digital format for Intersect’s Retention Developer / Manager / Researcher (Retention DMR) software application. In three decades, Intersect has evolved and developed to ensure that their systems are always at the cutting-edge, incorporating the most recent advancements in software and systems technology. In late 2020, Intersect announced an innovative cloud-native virtual delivery platform for records management. Remote stations run server-based instances of Intersect applications without requiring any installation on the stations. The system supports Windows®, Chromebooks, Apple® systems, and various tablets including the iPad®. Intersect has also been testing the new Dell® Enterprise Chromebooks on the system. The delivery platform will offer convenient at-work and work-at-home flexibility – an important consideration in a period where organizations must contend with the realities of SARS-CoV-2 and related safety issues. Intersect attributes its success to the team behind Intersect, whose consistent, knowledgeable, innovative, and experienced focus is what drives the firm’s records management systems to be market leaders. The team’s experience and unparalleled history of innovation and experience has seen the Texas firm become the market’s authority on records management systems, and as Intersect enters its thirtieth year of operation, this looks unlikely to change any time soon. Company: Intersect Systems Inc. Contact: William Gattis Website: I The system tracks any revisions made to the Texas schedules by local government, while also supporting any submissions for approval of amendments to the Texas State Archives and Library Local Government Division.