Q4 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 19 One Of The World’s First Deep-Learning Solution U.S. bridges have identified repair needs. ARTBA estimates the cost to make the identified repairs for all 235,000 bridges is nearly $171 billion. The pace of repair in 2018 slowed in compar- ison to 2017, and therefore ART- BA warns that at this pace, it will take 80 years to make significant repairs in America’s bridges. Tunnels are no different. Ac- cording to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), more than 350 highway tunnels have been identified in the United States. About 40% percent of these tunnels are now more than 50 years old; and ap- proximately five percent of these tunnels already exceed 100 years of service. Therefore, according to Dynamic Infrastructure, a system of the type offered by the company is vital for maintaining and operating tunnels in America.