Q1 2020

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 11 , Striving for Excellence Office1 finalizes partnership withNevada office machines to conquer NorthernNevadamarket. The regional IT services leader continues to enjoy steady growth across California and Nevada. Office1, a prominent office tech- nology and IT solutions provider, finalizes their partnership with Nevada Office Machines, a local document imaging service provider in Reno, Nevada. This is a unique opportunity for businesses in a developing market to benefit from innovative technology and the legacy of excellent customer service that this partnership brings. “One of our goals is to provide clients with expert solutions and technology so they are more efficient and have a better understanding of their businesses,” John Hugues, the Office1 VP of Nevada, said. “We strive for excellence and success for each and every customer.” Office1 earned its reputation in the Cali- fornia-Nevada area by providing solutions for businesses to optimize their technology ecosystem through digital transformation, managed services, document imaging, and cloud solutions. Likewise, Nevada Office Machines’ 50 years of experience guarantees exceptional service by the trained technicians and team members. It’s the ideal situation for growth and innovation. “This partnership will allow new and current customers to get the best out of both com- panies-excellent customer service and the best technology solutions,” Todd Rogers, the president of Office1, said. “I’m excited to ex- pand our business to a new region and have the opportunity to digitally transform growing businesses by expanding and securing their IT network.” Office1 strives to innovate how offices operate by providing unparalleled, personalized busi- ness technology solutions. This partnership with Nevada Office Machines will allow them to do so with companies while continuing to provide top-notch technology solutions in its current California and Nevada markets.

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