Q1 2020

10 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 , Leap of Faith Dealing with insurance companies usually happens at times of great stress. Being on the receiving end of bad faith decisions can compound the challenges already being faced. Fortunately, this is where Thomas Morgan and theMorgan LawGroup come in. Now recognised as Florida’s Leading Bad Faith Insurance Attorney of the Year, we took a closer look at Morgan, and his company, to find out more. Based in Florida, the Morgan Law Group provide effective and efficient insurance claims representation to homeowners and businesses throughout Florida, under the stewardship of Thomas Morgan. A Miami native, he has seen how the legal indus- try in South Florida changed as the years progress and is able to provide his clients with the critical insight that has made his services legendary in the area. A graduate of Florida State Uni- versity, Morgan earned his Juris Doctorate from the St. Thomas University School of Law. Dedi- cated to protecting the rights of the people of Florida since being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1997, Morgan is licensed to prac- tice in the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Florida, the U.S. District Court in the South- ern District of Florida, and the U.S. District Court of Colorado. His areas of focus are on provid- ing legal representation for in- surance policyholders who have coverage claims that are being delayed, devalued or rejected altogether. This ties in neatly with the rest of the Law Group, as these members target areas that benefit both policyholders and personal injury victims as well as those in contract disputes. Morgan leads a team that can react quickly to changing circum- stances. Offering free consulta- tions to review claim documents, free property damage inspec- tions, and able to assist with already submitted claims that are being delayed or denied, the size of the team means that over 40 years of combined legal exper- tise is at their clients’ fingertips. Where bad faith is suspected, the Morgan Law Firm aggressively pursue the best results for their clients. With a no-recovery, no- fee policy, there’s no risk on the part of the policyholder, but every chance they could get much more than they initially thought. Morgan actively encourages the passing down of material and information down through the team. It is this steadfast and dili- gent approach that has kept peo- ple returning to the Group time after time, with tens of thousands of claims handled, and more than hundreds of millions of dollars recovered on behalf of clients. These claims cover many different areas. While Morgan has made a success of bad faith claims, the Morgan Law Group as a whole specializes in rep- resenting policyholders making property insurance claims due to damages sustained residenc- es, businesses, investment properties, and condominiums throughout the State of Florida. When it comes to growing the business, the reputation of this exceptional company will only take it so far. As the firm repre- sents residential and business owners, HOAs and Condo associations, meeting and finding new clients can be a challenge. Recently, the Morgan Law Firm has taken more of an attempt to reach new clients, engaging more closely with the commu- nity. This has taken the form of community events, non-profits, expos and monthly meetings. Engaging this way has started to raise the profile of the firm, and by association its staff. 2020 is planned to bring a series of exhibitions at Tradeshows and Expos across Florida State, which the Morgan Law Firm will be a part of. This will allow them to interact and meet with profes- sionals from all over the state. Building up these relationships is key to a successful business. It’s why Morgan is a recognized affiliate of the Windstorm Insur- ance Network, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the American Association for Justice, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, leveraging his firm’s excellent reputation. Thomas Morgan has worked hard to ensure that every aspect of his business is designed to provide excellent service to his clients. While covering a variety of different areas of legal knowl- edge, he and his team are a great resource when it looks like all your support is gone. When dealing with matters of Bad Faith, it’s comforting to know who you can trust to have your back. Contact: Thomas Morgan Company: The Morgan Law Group Web Address: www.policyadvocate.com Telephone: (888) 904-2524

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