N America News May 2017

96 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / MAY 2017 , Best Semantic Graph Database Software 2016 &Social Networking Analytics Company of the Year 2016 winner, Franz Inc. have changed the way businesses use and understand complex data. Bringing Complex Data Under Control Founded in 1984, Franz Inc. are known as the industry leaders in semantic graph database technologies and artificial intelligence. They are experts in the field of developing and initiating Cognitive computing systems, with clients spanning the Fortune 500 list as well as every significant industry, including healthcare, life sciences, research organizations and intelligence agencies. The company originally formed to produce and sell Macsyma – a form of algebra and calculations software for MACs. Though this was not successful in the long run, due to the oversized and overpriced nature, it did allow Franz Inc.’s founders to experiment with frameworks large enough to support larger Lisp files – leading to the creation of Franz Lisp, software which has evolved dramatically to incorporate the support of Common Lisp, and is still both relevant and widely used in businesses worldwide today. Using their 30+ years of experience in the industry, Franz Inc. directed their efforts toward developing products based on market drive – responding to customer demands and releasing forward-thinking innovations to appease customer needs with no current solutions. New innovative designs are based on the W3C (World-Wide Consortium) and are designed to meet industry standards set by the ISO. This innovation has led to the extremely popular and effective AllegroGraph software. AllegroGraph is a graph database software which utilizes a range of analytics libraries, including; Temporal, Geospatial, Reasoning and Social Networking, to form an Activity Recognition package, which takes the complex data input and displays easier-to- follow business insights – with actionable results. This is data made simple, and with database technology deigned to extract key business decision insights and analytics from otherwise-overwhelming data batches, businesses can also see trends and solutions to problems which would remain unnoticed or simply ignored by software using generic database software. The unprecedented nature of the complexity of the technologies combined to create the AllegroGraph software means that decisions based on complex data can be made in real-time, with accurate analytics which can answer much more in-depth queries using information collected from large amounts of data. The amazing properties of this software don’t stop there, though. The AllegroGraph software is also able to support a wide range of additional input sources, such as Full Text searches, Triple-level security, JavaScript, SPARQL and integration with MongoDBand SOLR. AllegroGraph also supports SPARQL, Full Text Search, Triple-level security, RDFS++, Prolog, JavaScript and integration with MongoDBand SOLR. Due to the incredible success and functionality of this software, Franz Inc. have been named the Best Semantic Graph Database Software 2016. However, on top of this, their software capabilities have also earned them the title of Social Networking Analytics Company of the Year 2016. A great pay-off for a fantastic service provider! Company: Franz Inc Name: Craig Norvell Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.franz.com Address: 2201 Broadway, Suite 715, Oakland, California, 94612 Telephone: 001 510 452 2000 NAE17048

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